Hard hit by virus, airlines push for tests over quarantines


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In actual fact, air travel ticket prices have been falling; on some routes, even cheaper than travel by bus! Regardless, the 14-day self-isolation requirement is ineffective, for the reasons listed in the article.

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Just like lots of passengers have done before when travelling during a nasty flu season, mask up, wash hands. and stay seated.

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This is a more reasonable idea. The mandatory quarantines are extremely prohibitive and a deal breaker for anyone traveling unless going to your country of residence.

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The mandatory quarantines are extremely prohibitive and a deal breaker for anyone traveling unless going to your country of residence.

Not even for people of that country of residence is a good idea.

For example, I've not travelled mainly because of the 2 week quarantine put on Japanese citizens when coming back. I don't live in Tokyo, and in order to get back to Hokkaido I need to use a plane, which I can't after I come back to japan because of the not using public transportation order, so the only solutions I have is either staying in a hotel for 2 weeks in Tokyo, or having my boyfriend drive all the way to Tokyo, and then drive all the way back to Hokkaido.

Nether is a good idea, and makes travel an impossibility.

But the thing is, tests also aren't a solution, because there is always going to be a limited number of tests, no tests will basically put a hard cap on the number of people who can travel, not to mention that in the case of a false positive, which are a thing, people are not just going to be unable to travel, probably lose money, but also have a horrible experience.

People have to come to terms, like they have come with all other transmittable diseases, that fighting against a rapid mutating virus, with a high percentage of people having no symptoms at all, is basically a lost battle.

We are just doing extra damage with all these stupid rules.

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Air traffic is not down due to passengers fearing Covid, it’s due to countries imposing travel restrictions meaning airlines have to cancel routes. Look at Europe, as soon as it was possible to travel people were going on holiday.

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