Hawaii to allow travelers to skip quarantine with virus test


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With a two week self-quarantine requirement, I don't see how any place can expect tourism to recover. Most people don't go on vacation for more than two weeks. Hawaii may be taking the right step here.

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Testing in the States is still haphazard, and results unreliable, so any plan that depends on testing is relying on a system that doesn't work.

Hawaii needs to be sure that they are equipped to handle an upsurge in Covid-19 cases, if they re-open for tourism before reliable covid testing is implemented.

The only thing that will allow tourism to reopen safely is an end to the pandemic. In the meantime, the US House of Representatives passed a comprehensive 3.5 trillion dollar measure to help the American people until the end of the year, but the Republican controlled Senate and White House have refused to take it up.

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Sayonara to Hawaiian holidays. With all the various hurdles placed by the (D) governor in addition to the corona paranoia, the tourism industry has been eradicated. Literally killed the Golden Goose.

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@Reckless, a friend of mine just came back from California and encountered exactly what you described. He finally found a place that would give him results in 2 days but set him back $250. I think he also had to go to the Japanese consulate to get some sort of authorization letter.

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First, are the required tests available in Japan and second can the return quarantine requirement

coming back here be lifted if tested on arrival at a Japanese airport? Otherwise travel to Hawai

remains a no go.

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Travelers will have to take the test within 72 hours

As you know Japan has the same requirement for visa holders to return to Japan. I have been trying to find a way to get a PCR test in Florida but all the ones I can find on the internet will email you results within 3-5 days so I think this may be impossible to satisfy. Also, the tests are in short supply due to a testing bottleneck for local residents and sometimes proof of residency is required. Any ideas?

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a $480 surcharge for a family of 4

What's that about?

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Japanese will pay anything to go there, but the dumb quarantine rule in Japan is stifling the country

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Hawaii is quick on its way to becoming the destination tourists forgot. Ige and company think people are clamoring to come here, they aren't. Decaying hotels, closed forever businesses and now a $480 surcharge for a family of 4. Forget it, there's plenty of other tropical destinations to choose from that are more inexpensive and welcoming than Hawaii.

Ige forgets tourists don't need Hawaii as much as the Hawaiian economy needs tourists. The effects of these brain-dead anti-tourist proposals will illustrate this point to him.

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