Helicopter service starts from Shin Chitose to Niseko Village resort


Niseko Village on Wednesday launched its exclusive Heli-Shuttle service that delivers guests to and from Shin Chitose Airport, improving transfer times.

Hilton Niseko Village General Manager Daniel Welk said he is delighted to be working together for the first time with Aero Asahi. The daily Heli-Shuttle service costs 189,000 yen per person for a one-way flight. Reservations are limited to a minimum of three passengers per flight. The partnership of Aero Asahi, Niseko Village and Hilton Niseko Village to create this new service reflects the demand from well-traveled clientele who visit Niseko throughout the year and desire this level of products and services to be made available, Welk said.

“Heli-Shuttle services are available in many of world’s top ski resorts and this new addition is paramount in continuing to attract discerning skiers and travelers from around the world who are looking for the fastest and most exclusive passage to the slopes. Hilton Niseko Village, arguably the first international hotel at a Japanese ski resort is now located as close as 2 hours and 20 minutes from Tokyo. The best ski resort in Japan has also suddenly become one of the closest,” Welk said.

Niseko Village was recently awarded the “Number 1” ranking out of 107 destinations across Japan, by the Kanda Ski Slope contest (published by Jazu KK). Along with the best ski and boarding conditions in Japan, visitors can enjoy a multitude of activities this winter including First Tracks Cat Skiing; Dog Sledding, Snow Rafting, Niseko Village Snow School and Niseko Kids. In a mere 30 minutes, guests can be whisked straight from the airport and be able to have maximum time on the slopes to enjoy all the resort has to offer.

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The daily Heli-Shuttle service costs 189,000 yen per person for a one-way flight.

Egad! I think that is a lot of cash for a one-way flight.

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Certainly is expensive: Nice to hear some positive news for a change.

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Japan has helicopters? Nice to see the reputation for the highest domestic travel cost being maintained :)

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189,000 yen!? That's a return trip to the Caribbean where I can enjoy all the beaches I want!!!

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It costs more to get from the airport to the resort than it does to get from where you live to ShinChitose. Only in Japan!

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You could ski in Austria for that price.

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It seems some here were expecting to pay the same price for a subway ticket as for a helicopter flight. None really know the price of using helicopter, right ? Just for you information you pay about 1800 euro (220.000 yens) for a flight from Nice airport to Saint Tropez in south of France. Price for a 20 minutes flight....

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What? I don't want to buy the helicopter.

Let's compare with a chopper flight Vancouver-Victoria over there in NA. Flight time is about same and tickets start at CAD $75 (6000yen) for a student willing to do stand-by. The scheduled flight goes back and forth about a dozen times a day. Show up with cash and the regular 1 way is like $200. Honestly I haven't taken it. Float plane is cheaper.

At 189,000 yen you'd better come pick up me and my friends at the top of the tower across the street, fly us to the top of untouched mountain peaks until our legs fall off, build us a table (with your bare hands!) overlooking a glacial valley then fly up lunch from a restaurant caterer - none of this curry-rice crap! Also, I want bad weather a money back guarantee and a minimum of unspoiled peaks by day's end. You can film us if you like while we're skiing down and try to sell us the tapes. I'd probably pay extra for that ;-)

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A 40 minute helicopter tour in Hawaii is $215 - $265.

A 20 minute helicopter tour of New York is $188.

The 30 minute flight to Niseko is about $1890.

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