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High flying: Canada to let airline passengers pack cannabis


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This will mute the passengers

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Japan's customs would have a stroke if they knew how beniale this is viewed in other countries.

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Japan’s attitude to marijuana is looking increasingly outdated. A bit of dope is treated like an evil crime.

As it becomes normalised in North America, Japan may slowly change.

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My neighbor tells me that she uses a cannabis cream to help with her arthritis. I have known people who smoked it to help with the nausea from chemotherapy.

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Now there will be a real first-world nation on the planet.

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However it is still illegal to take pot across international boundaries, such as on trans-border flights, Denis added.

Wow, man. I'm totally trying to wrap my head around flights crossing international boundaries which are not trans-border.

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@Strangerland, thanks.

@Laguna, don't worry about it. Here in Canada only the truly stupid would try to transport it on anything but a domestic flight.

And that photo looks just like any one of the hundreds of buds I've pruned, over the years.

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Great. Now all we have to do is get JAL and ANA on board with this, lol

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Canada is giving new meaning to”The Mile High Club.”

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Justin Trudeau legalized weed to reap the extra taxes to the government. Now we can make our NATO commitment. Think of it as blunts for bullets.

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Smoking onboard airplanes also remains illegal.

I doubt airlines could carry enough snacks onboard.

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Now there will be a real first-world nation on the planet.

Not just first-world.. The best in the world.

We are hoping to immigrate there just before the Tokyo Olympic madness hits. Can't think of a better country to raise my kids in.

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sure Canada will begin to be a third rate country with the legalization of cannabis. That said I have nothing against it if it's for MEDICINAL purpose.

Also because it will be legal in less than 6 days now I will get sick every where I will smell that junk, yes I do suffer from that, I don't know if I can call that an allergy but I really get sick from just the smell of it(I have worked at a police station and every time they were seizing any from some dealers I had to take days off until there were no smell left) and if I have to inhale then I get dizzy and vomit every where, so to me it's gonna be hell. Thinking about moving to a country free of that.

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