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Hilton Hotels launch 'Rediscover Japan' nationwide campaign

By Taro Fujimoto

The Hilton Hotels group on Thursday announced the launch of a nationwide campaign in Japan on Feb 14 through Dec 31 to increase its customer base, offering special stay plans at its seven hotels in Japan, such as Conrad Tokyo, Hilton Tokyo Bay and Hilton Niseko Village.

The “Rediscover Japan, Rediscover Hilton” campaign, marking the 45th anniversary of the Hilton in Japan, is offering special stay plans with five themes, such as Luxury, Family, Friendship, Romance and Nature. Up to 45% off regular room rates will be available for advanced reservations made between Feb 14 and March 31.

Hideki Okamoto, Hilton regional assistant marketing manager in Japan, Korea and Micronesia, said, “Many people have an image of Hilton as a business hotel and a place just to stay. We want to promote the leisure aspect of Hilton to attract new customers.”

As part of the campaign, a Japanese pamphlet titled “My Hilton Home” with recommendations by Hilton employees on how to enjoy both the hotel facilities and sightseeing spots in the vicinity will be available at individual hotels.

Actress Maki Tamaru, 30, is the "image character" for the new campaign. She said, “Whenever I go abroad on business, I feel relaxed if the hotel I'm staying in is the Hilton. I'm looking forward to staying at a Hilton with my girlfriends and family, and trying the different stay plans with different themes.”

“Rediscover Japan, Rediscover Hilton” campaign – Hilton Hotels www.hilton.co.jp/rediscover

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Maki Tamau nice legs. Do the Hilton Hotels have English speaking front desk people?

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Yelnats: yes they all have English speakers, they deal with the business travellers' market.

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What a lovely couple!

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get that ole geezer off the picture !!

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Hilton Hotels launch 'Rediscover Japan' nationwide campaign

And rediscover that certain hotels don't want dirty foreign guests!

Lifschitz looks a bit overdressed.

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