Hilton Tokyo commemorates launch of Hawaiian Airlines service


Hilton Tokyo, Hilton Grand Vacations Club and Hilton Hawaii, together with Hawaiian Airlines, will jointly feature a special event, entitled “Fly Me to Hawaii” at the Hilton Tokyo’s Marble Lounge from Oct 30 to Nov 7. Commemorating the inauguration of daily nonstop service between Honolulu and Haneda (Tokyo) by Hawaiian Airlines, patrons will enjoy an authentic Hawaiian buffet, music, hula dance performances and will have the chance to fly to Hawaii for free.

During this event, restaurant patrons will have the opportunity to discover and savor Hawaiian cuisine from the lunch, brunch and dessert buffet at the Marble Lounge, specially created by Charles Charbonneau, Executive Chef of Hilton Waikoloa Village on Hawaii’s Big Island. To titillate the gastronomical senses, Chef Charbonneau will display an array signature dishes, including shoyu-glazed Parker Ranch short ribs; steamed mahi mahi in banana leaf and coconut sauce; huli huli chicken and Kona lobster with vegetable tempura, just to name a few. Hawaiian popular DJ “Vance K Band” live music and hula dance performances will be featured during the buffet on the weekend and national holidays.

Diners who join in on the festivities can enter to win two trips for two to Hawaii on Hawaiian Airlines with stays at Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki; Hilton Waikoloa Village on the island of Hawaii or Grand Wailea on Maui.

For more information or to make a reservation, call the Marble Lounge at 03-3344-5111 (ext 315) or visit

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Thanks. But not really my cup of tea...

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I wonder if they will also have big angry islanders, giving you dirty looks and bad service and then tell you that if you do not like it to get back on the plane?? As the natives in Honolulu do to all the mainlanders, this would really make it authentic, oh and loads and loads of MAHI MAHI fish!

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This is the second time elbudamexicano has made broad, negative generalizations about how non-locals are treated in Hawaii, and I really must say, it's simply not true, whatever his/her personal experiences might be.

As someone who lived and worked most of his life in Hawaii, including 15 years in the tourist industry in Waikiki, I know that, with a few bad-apple exceptions such as you would find in any part of the world, most of Hawaii's people understand the state's continuing reliance on tourism, and a great many of them rely on it for their personal livelihoods, as well. They are in no position to be biting the hands that feed them.

Back on topic, sounds like a great dinner menu at the Hilton! I'd go, but I can probably get the same thing for a lot less on one of my trips home.

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The new daily nonstop from Haneda to Honolulu is great, adding one to Kona on the Big Island would be even better. The Hilton Waikoloa Village is an awesome resort. The grounds are so lush and the location is paradise. It sounds to me like elbudamexicano is an Internet troll who has never been out of his room in the last five years, let alone to Hawaii.

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@Suzu1: Unfortunately, one of the routes that JAL cut is the one to Kona so I doubt they will be flying there again, at least for the immediate future.

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I agree with Suzu1 that there needs be a Haneda-Kona flight (I would even settle for bringing back Narita-Kona.) Our family enjoys Big Island so much more (fewer Japanese tourists for one.)

However, I will have to disagree about the Waikoloa Village being "awesome." We stayed there 2 years ago. It seemed fun when we were taken there for dinner about about 5 years ago but actually staying there was a big pain.

The moat was overflowing with seaweed, the trams continually broke down or never arrived so that it was often faster to walk from our building to the lobby (a distance of 1Km or more without exaggeration.) One time, a tram broke down in the middle of the night near our building and with an open window (to enjoy the sea breeze and ocean sounds etc.) we were entreated to hours and hours of "The train is about to depart" in English and Japanese on an endless loop. The pool with water slide was kind of nice, I suppose, but the inlet they had for the ocean was brackish and even when there were fish and turtles swimming by, they were difficult to see with mask as the water was so murky. The only thing that the Waikoloa Village has going for it is the coin laundry (out on the FAR end of the complex.)

The Fairmont Orchid, just down the road a ways is a MUCH nicer place to stay. Nice and cozy and doesn't involve trekking across 2 Km to get from the lobby to your room. Forgetting something in you car at the Fairmont means you can actually walk to go get it rather than wishing you had another car to get from your room to the parking lot at the Hilton. sheesh Unfortunately, the Fairmont Orchid doesn't have a coin laundry but it is still a much nicer place and would go back there again if they were to bring back a Kona direct flight.

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