Hilton Tokyo staff to welcome guests in Cool Biz attire


From July 1 - Aug 31, the Hilton Tokyo will welcome customers in yukata – Japanese traditional summer kimono, to deliver a cool, “Yokoso” to Japan. Both the hotel’s doormen and women will wear colorful yukata from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., and a similar service will be offered at the Executive Lounge from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The Japanese government started the Cool Biz campaign in 2005 for the purpose of saving energy. The Cool Biz dress code advises workers to wear outfits appropriate for the office, yet cool enough to endure the summer heat. Yukata are made with straight seams and wide sleeves and unlike formal kimono, which are made of silk, yukata are typically made of cotton and are unlined.

Jamie Mead, general manager of the Hilton Tokyo, says, “We believe that yutaka are perfect cool biz costumes which Japanese people should be proud of. We hope that customers enjoy an authentic arrival experience greeted by our team within colorful yukata. The hotel will also offer cold green tea and 'oshibori' (wet towel) upon check-in during the summer period.”

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Girls in yukata with geta on their dainty shuffling feet - 'why I've come to love the hot, humid summers.

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Hm.. maybe good for cool biz, but it looks too casual. Especially the men. This may be something else, but many hotels have yukata for the guests to wear in their rooms, but most high end hotels restrict using them out of the rooms.

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Fine...but if they will only wear them mornings until 10am and then evenings after 6pm it means that they will not have them during the hottest part of the day?...Kinda defeats the purpose of the cool biz campaign doesn,t it?

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The team at the hotel will only wear for limited time and will alternate with their western cool biz uniforms so our guests and team members experience both costumes.

Yukata also come in different styles and levels of formality. The yukata used at the hotel are suitable for outside events/semi formal use and are very different from in room yukata supplied in hotels and ryokan.

We look forward to welcoming our guests in a traditional Japanese yukata this summer!

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I think it's a good idea. Go for it, James. (I can't afford to stay with you though.)

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Hands down, that is the best Hotel I've ever stayed in. Those girls couldn't be more welcoming to the guests - unbelievably professional.

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Truly wish as all people would wear yukata all summer at work and play. It looks great and is the beautiful way Japanese survived summers for...what...ever until WWII? Good for the Hotel. May many others follow!

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