Hong Kong promotes 'Summer Temptations'


Hong Kong is encouraging this year’s summer travelers to get more out of their trip to Hong Kong’s than shopping and dining. The Hong Kong Travel Board (HKTB) is promoting tourist destinations and summer events taking place this year under the theme of "Hong Kong Summer Temptations.”

"By encouraging visitors to explore the city's tourist attractions and participate in the special events and entertainment activities held in shopping centers and dining districts citywide, we hope that visitors - especially the young and family segments - will experience a fun-filled and fabulous summer in Hong Kong," said HKTC chairman James Tien.

To make this Hong Kong exploration easier for tourists, HKTB had created a stamp rally, similar to the stamp rallies in Japan. Eighteen sites are participating in the stamp rally and tourists who collect more than three stamps will redeem prizes.

The Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTR) is also working with the HKTB to make traveling throughout Hong Kong easier. The MTR has created a guidebook with over 40 special offers and information about Hong Kong’s shopping and dining outlets.

Shopping might still be a major reason to travel to Hong Kong, but this year the HKTB is hoping tourists can take home more from their trip to Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong sucks. Pushy evil people ripping off every gwalo that comes along. Try take a Taxi there if you are white double price if you are Japanese tripple. The extra bag charge button that they push multiple times to run up the charge even when you don't have a bag! Scum of the earth money hungry place. Pollutions also unbelievable. If I were you I would go somewhere in Japan much cleaner & safer.

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I prefer Japan but I didn't think Hong Kong was that bad....

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Never been to Hong Kong. May go sometime in the future, but not sure when. I don't really want to go to a communist country, and give my spendng money to a repressive government like Red China....

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