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Hotel chain to introduce Pokemon-themed rooms in Tokyo and Kyoto

By Jess, grape Japan

With the Olympics coming up, those in the Japanese tourist industry are ramping up efforts to convince visitors to use their facilities when staying in the country.

While some businesses shine a light on the more traditional side, and promise an authentically Japanese experience, others are using Japan’s beloved pop culture icons to grab tourists’ attention.

While this year we’ve already seen Sanrio character themed and Shiba inu inspired hotel rooms, Japanese apartment-hotel chain Mimaru, have gone for one of the country’s most recognizable pop culture exports.

They’ve decided the perfect way to say ‘Welcome to Japan’ is to usher you into a hotel room covered in everyone’s favorite Pocket Monsters, with an original interior design and plenty of Pokemon accessories. As an apartment-hotel chain, the room is large and perfect for families to stay in.

A fitting Christmas present for a die-hard Pokemon fan, the themed lodging will be open to stay in from Dec 24.

The Poke-tastic rooms will be available in five different hotels, all either in Tokyo or Kyoto, the most popular cities to visit for tourists. These hotels will be:

Mimaru Tokyo, Ueno East

Mimaru Tokyo, Hatchobori

Mimaru Kyoto, Shinmachi Sanjo

Mimaru Kyoto Station

Mimaru Kyoto, Kawaramachi Gojo (open from February 2020)

Since they are currently keeping the visuals under wraps, Mimaru must be pretty confident about the power of Pokemon to lure customers. You can book a room online from Dec 18, but we may be given more information about the actual room before then.

Source: PR Times

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