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Hotel rooms still available for Beijing Olympics


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Um, I think I'll just avoid the hordes of visitors and visit China after it has had a few months to recover from all the excitement...

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23 percent rooms left for 5 star rooms, 56 percent left for 4 star and much more left for 3 star rooms and lower. This is not good, China must do its best to sell more, via promotions, no other better time.

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China was the worst choice for the Olympics. Their civil rights and liberties record, repression of religious and political freedom, occupation of Tibet and Uyghur territories, continued threats against Taiwan, increasing repression in Hong Kong and horrific environmental record should have ruled them out.

China's increased repression after winning the nomination further underlines the reasons it should have been denied the ability to host the games. Add to this the hardship and burden that Olympic preparation have had on ordinary Chinese (farmers robbed of water diverted to the games etc...) and it is no wonder people are staying away.

I will boycott the Olympics. I will not attend, not watch, not buy products supporting it. I do so for the sake of Tibet and in protest over the exploitation and abuse of working class Chinese who have suffered considerably for an event that will not benefit them. I will not support the small percentage of Chinese who stand to benefit while the vast majority of Chinese bear the burden, hardship and cost of the games.

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tkoind2- Live and let live. The olympic games are just for good fun atmosphere for world. Everyone can agree to disagree of olympic's host choice. It is like USA elections 2008, we are all are just we like many others,cannot agree, on who should be the choice of being next president. But we agree to disagree, with points of disagreements taken note.

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Corrections- It is like USA elections 2008,we all are ,just like many others. We all cannot agree, on who should the choice ,in being next white house host.

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rajakumar, fine if you dont care about the chinese who have/are being trampled on to make the venues etc, dont mind rights being stomped on left right & centre fine, but some do care, Beijing was clearly a huge mistake that seems obvious for many reasons, I just hope it doesnt get ugly on the ground but it certainly has that potential

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With the possible retracting of promises made to the IOC regarding "freedoms"during the Games, maybe people are realizing that going to Beijing this summer may not be so enjoyable...

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GW, I care about chinese issues and china woes. The games is time for good competitions among 202 nations, to improve their youths in sports disciplines.

We must not fight for some other causes intensely, just because the olympic games happened to hosted in china.

We should care for what olympics does for world. It is a every 4 years once, hard built bridge, to help 202 nations youths, bridge their cultural differences. It is a time to bridge the gap among nations in sports,cultures and communications. It is a time for global understanding,tolerance and unity via sports.

Olympics promotes humanity values and beijing games of few weeks, should be used to enhance global unity among 202 nations.

These china issues/woes and solutions should be sought out, after the games, as effectively with plenty of time. Now the games are near, time is short, for world nations . World nation must concentrate on trainings that will be producing quality sport performances, in all disciplines of sports.

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If I was the head of a national team, I would block-book some of these hotel rooms for my staff/athletes if they were close to the venue. I saw a piece done by CCTV on the athletes' quarters, and they're kinda spartan. Might be the only creature comforts they get. Especially if they're serious about medals.

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Air you can cut with a knife, legendary questionable bathroom facilities, delicious pesticide-and cardboard-laden gyoza, a repressive government with no sense of humor when it comes to protests, draconian entrance requirements, not to mention the massive expense of somehow getting there as plane fares skyrocket thanks to the oil crisis.. can't imagine why anyone would pass all that up.


Olympics promotes humanity values

Well, at its best yeah.. but mostly it sells coke, gatorade and nike shoes.

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if the olympics were about peace, then why just don't all those athletes just dump their flags and play solo?

and if it has to have an anthem, then let it be the UN anthem. btw, what does the UN anthem sound like? i have no idea...

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One reason could be China’s crack down on visa procedures, targeting students and others on short-term stays who might be activists intent on protesting during the Olympics.

Then hotel occupancy rate is irrelevant. National security comes first.

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funny they don't mention the 300% price increases as a reason.

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Olympics 2008, is a platform for future sport stars from all 204 IOC nations towards a sports career. Probably, the tennis sports offers best and biggest rewards. Olympics is for youths wanting sports glory and sports fame.

Roger Federer has earned roughly 40 million USD via tennis sport disciplines. Bill gates has about 60 billion USD, that is only about 1500 times richer only.

Let the sport athletes pursue their financial richness,ambitions and careers via 2008 olympics.

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What a disaster year for China. The Beijing Olympics aren't going to be what they had hoped, a coming out party with China's prettiest face. The Tibetan movement and China's hardheaded response and it's rabid nationalism assured that the West would see China's ugly face instead. Realizing that many Western visitors may not come, China went on a massive kiss-Japan's butt program to ensure that at least the wealthy Japanese will come amd spend their money. Then the Earthquake, a tragedy for the people, the fear now of disease, the people angry at the shoddy construction of the schools. Not a good year for China as they had hoped. So will China win the most gold medals this year? Probably. It would be in the best interests of the country and national morale.

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God knows why they chose China for the Olympics anyway.

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I hear on the olympic spirit etc etc but it was clearly a mistake to have given these games to China 4yrs ago, China is on the verge of really blowing it bigtime, hope I am wrong, we will see

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Raj Kumar was right. Olympics is once in life time opportunities for athletes and business for marketing. It is not about the human rights and politics. It is for promotion of the brand image and market expansion. Multi national large co-operation has lobbied for Beijing Olympic.

It is a way of life for making the living. Whether I like someone or not I have to trade with him or her. Otherwise I have no customer.

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Athletes- Your post is right on.

Some say beijing olympics may become like 1972 olympics, where activists from palestine caused some mayhem to israelis because of palestine liberation organisation(PLO).

Activists may do some nonsense at olympics, but today's games security is not 1972 quality.

1972 olympics was still a great, so was 1976,1980,1984,1988,1992,1996,2000 and 2004. 1980 and 1984 had boycotts due to afghanistan woes.

Free Afghanistan and Palestine will be coming to beijing olympics. Free Iraq olympic team also are coming to beijing olympics.

There has never been a better and richer time in international ties in sport/trade than in 2008.

China the 2nd richest nation and international community will up all efforts, to ensure safety of all athletes at games, so as to not repeat 1972 games and other years games, security weakness.

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I wonder how many people who had reservations have canceled because of the brutal suppression of the Tibetan people, which also makes it impossible to combine a visit to the Olympics with a trip to Tibet. Or the risk of earth quakes and the potential collapse of the hotels. Or just plain outrage at the scandalous arresting of parents who try to file lawsuits against corrupt officials who ignored the building codes of the schools in which their children died.

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