How to get better vacation photos; no selfie stick required


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How about people go on a holiday without a camera and enjoy it. These days people seem to go on holidays for the social media photos.

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These days people seem to go on holidays for the social media photos.

People have been taking vacation photos since they started carrying personal cameras. I remember being a child and going to my parent's friend's homes to look at their vacation photos from a trip to [wherever]. The only difference is that they are easier to take, and easier to share now. But it's by no means a new phenomenon.

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I take photos of the places I'm visiting. I don't need to be in them all.

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For some (or the vast majority?), taking your own pictures, with or without people on it, is part of the fun. Hell, it's a trip, not a model portfolio...

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You know, now that I think about it, and I wonder if anyone else is old enough to have experienced something similar...(I'm about to ramble here, so just skip this post if you like.LOL).

In the small town where I grew up someone related to my fathers work had a mansion on a farm. They used to go on exotic vacations, and every year around Christmas there would be a 'slide night' at the mansion. It seemed like the whole community would attend, dressed up, big dinner, culminating in fine whiskey for the presentation. It was a magical experience from an age that is long gone (?).

So, although I'm a big fan of the selfie, and social media, try this: Keep the best shots off social media (until) you've had time to gather your best local friends for a 'slide night' dinner party (TV will do as a monitor), after a fine dinner open the top shelf drinks and regale your friends with your experience.

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A tremendous idea. If i was 50 again I would look into this or try to get a job helping tourists with their travel shots.

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