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If you’re in search of a genuinely authentic onsen experience, Kinosaki should be your next getaway

By GaijinPot Travel

Lonely Planet named this unbelievably quaint town in northern Hyogo as one of Japan’s best onsen destinations. It has everything you need for a weekend of relaxation and proper Japanese hospitality.

The famous hot springs of Kinosaki were discovered in the 8th century. Today there are seven public baths staggered throughout town, each unique and equally charming. Gosho no Yu has the distinction of being in the middle, and is the newest onsen as well as one of the biggest. It offers saunas as well as indoor and outdoor baths below a natural waterfall that rushes down the mountainside.

Tattoo-friendly onsen

The waters at each onsen are imbued with meaning; at Gosho no Yu, it is believed that a soak in the tubs will help you find a future spouse as well as prevent fire. (My kinda’ bath).

Luckily, for tattooed visitors, all of Kinosaki’s public onsen are tattoo-friendly, no matter the size of your tattoo. Besides Gosho no Yu, Satono-Yu is the largest onsen in town and has many different types of baths for people to try. It also may be good if you are an onsen first-timer since you can try out different styles of baths (hot, cold, jacuzzi, etc).

Mandara-Yu and Kouno-Yu are also recommended because they are the two onsens located farther away from the busy main streets, often making for a quieter, calmer (and possibly less crowded) experience.

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