In the absence of tourists, locals reclaim their cities


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Time to hit the tokyo museums.

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Tourism per se is not a problem, the lack of management of the sheer volume of tourists causes the problem. Tourists, when viewed from a policy perspective are a logistics problem and should be managed as such.

Any monoculture be it in industry or agriculture is intrinsically unstable and prone to catastrophic collapse when subject to unexpected events.

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If they like it back to themselves, WHY NOT ???.

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"I am not against tourism but I am against its excesses. This crisis is proof that it is dangerous to rely completely on one single industry."

Agreed. The tourist boom has spoiled so many formerly lovely places. Places I used to love disappeared and were replaced by overcrowded Disneyland versions of themselves - with all the real people and activities that made it great pretty much gone and replaced by loud and unappreciative tourists.

Right now, it's like stepping back in time - in a good way.

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