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In world first, Venice to trial day tickets

By Gildas LE ROUX

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5€ is not likely to dissuade much, I’m guessing. How to strike the right balance between tourism and commerce, and maintaining a pleasant experience for both tourists and locals is difficult to derive. Overtouristed places are unpleasant for everyone. Visited family in Kyoto again early last August and it was just miserable at so many different places around town. They really should do something about it, a lottery entry permit maybe (although don’t know how that would be implemented), otherwise it will be ruined.

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Must be depressing as heck to live there .

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If you don't have an internet connection whilst you are in Venice, or a smartphone, or a way of printing off the ticket from your laptop, I hope you will be able to buy a paper one from the local operators on arrival.

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Make more money before it really drown.

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