India to re-open for tourists from Oct 15

By Aishwarya KUMAR

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Tourists should be forewarned - The Taj Mahal is beautiful but its surrounded by a filthy slum called India.

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This article is lacking several important bits of information, thus making it practically worthless.

"Opening up", you say? Sounds like it'll be back to as it was before. mention of quarantines, hotel restrictions, daily PPE testing requirements, additional surcharges or even the percent of shops/restaurants/hotels actually open in these places to enjoy when you get there? Come on...

You can see the hidden expenses in India's information, for example, in the briefest of mentions about needing to "book a chartered flight." NOT a regular commercial flight, mind you. That's going to cost a lot more, I would bet. What else is needed to take advantage of this "re-opening?" (Not in this article.)

With Thailand, no mention of the still-quite draconian rules related to what the government there helpfully refers to the "Sandbox" they're excited to put you into in Phuket (and ONLY in Phuket). You must: fly directly into Phuket from your home destination. if available, not via the international travel hub of BKK (if only staying in Phuket; if you wish to leave the "Sandbox" you have to wait for seven days in Phuket first)

AND you MUST stay at government-approved (read: very expensive and off limits to locals) "SHA+" hotels.

Oh, and did I mention the requirement to purchase...COVID Insurance prior to leaving home? (So did this article forget, too). Remember to apply for (pay for) a Certificate Of Entry (COE) before you go, too! Oh, and how about daily PPE tests? Yes? No? We pay?

Yes, do all this and more, and you, too, can re-enter "paradise" (at roughly thrice the price!) (I'll wait this year out..or perhaps GoToTravel here in Japan, thank you very much!)

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India re open for traveller’s

Japan will be the latest country of the entire earth to re open . Who bet ?

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If you are nervous, the safest holiday accommodation by far is a self-catering apartment. Tourists won't return to most places until 2022 at the earliest (not least because most folk book months in advance), and only to places with high vax numbers that treat double vaxxed tourists the same as they treat the locals. Additional, unnecessary restrictions will be deal killers. Such restrictions will be put in place and will only be removed over time, when nobody comes. The UK is opening up for the double-vaxxed from most countries with nothing more than a test on arrival. If you can drive an HGV, please feel free to get married and settle down during your stay.

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Gee, wonder how India beat COVID? With only 20% vaccinated? Hmmmmm........

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@hito. Before you rubbish the article you should probably learn to read. it does say chartered flights from the 15/10 and other flights from the 15/11. Yes it would be great to know what quarantine requirements and I’m sure we will in time. Hopefully it’s no quarantine as they hardly be able to attract tourists if they are going to make you quarantine on arrival.

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