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Lone pine tree at Tateishi Park in Kanagawa Prefecture Photo: Kanagawa Prefecfural Government

Introducing 3 sea-viewing spots of Kanagawa that you should never miss


Located an hour’s drive from Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture has many sightseeing sites enjoyable all year round.  Here we introduce some places which command a superb view of the ocean, the perfect locations to visit in summer to get away from the bustle and sizzling heat of Tokyo. In spite of their proximity to the downtown areas, you will be able to have a relaxing time.

1. Akiya Beach (Yokosuka)

Unique rock “Tateishi” at Akiya Beach

Sunset at Sagami Bay

The sight of Tateishi, a huge and uniquely shaped rock sitting in the sea against the backdrop of Mount Fuji, is a must-see spot at Akiya Beach in Yokosuka City.  Views with Mount Fuji in the distance have been popular since olden times. Ando Hiroshige, a famous painter in the Edo period, created an ukiyo-e wood block print work of Tateishi, which made the landscape widely known. The view has been favored by many painters and photographers. It is especially recommended to visit the spot in the evening to see the glow of the sun setting into the ocean.

2. Enoura Observatory (Odawara)

Summer solstice sunlight passage gallery

Enoura Observatory, located in Nebukawa, Odawara, was created by famous Japanese contemporary artist and photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto. It is a modern art space that comprises an art gallery, outdoor noh stage, observatory, tea ceremony room, among others. It is also called a “compilation of Sugimoto’s work”, which took over 10 years to make.

Optical glass stage

The gallery, which is designed to be the sunlight passage at the summer and winter solstices, and the outdoor noh stage made of optical glass, command a beautiful view of Sagami Bay. Sugimoto blended Japanese architectural styles of various historical periods in making the facility. Famous and unique rocks collected from across Japan are placed on the premises. In the garden created in traditional architectural styles of the Heian, Muromachi and Taisho periods, you can enjoy beautiful scenery through four seasons. (Reservations necessary).

3. Jogashima Island (Miura Peninsula)

Jogashima Park

Sunset seen from Jogashima

Jogashima Island at the tip of the Miura Peninsula is recommended by Michelin Green Guide Japon for its rich nature. It is introduced as a place which retains its wild look in the south. Trails allow visitors to wander along the little cliffs enjoying views over the open sea and Mount Fuji.

Jogashima Lighthouse

Diving in Sagami Bay

You can rent a bicycle to travel around the peninsula looking at the ocean, and enjoy horse riding and marine sports like diving and fishing.

Misaki tuna

Don’t forget the fresh seafood including Misaki tuna from the nearby fishing port.

If you have lived around Tokyo, you may have visited these spots. Kanagawa has resort areas popular among city dwellers in all seasons, and its ocean is a place to go in summer. Time spent at these sites will be sure to become unforgettable memories.

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