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JAL, China Eastern Airlines expand partnership


Japan Airlines is expanding its partnership with China Eastern Airlines by increasing the number of eligible flights under the airlines' Mileage Partnership Agreement making it easier for customers to earn and redeem mileage.

From June 1, JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) members can earn mileage on all flights operated by China Eastern on Japan-China routes as well as China domestic routes including non-codeshare flights that were not applicable for mileage accumulation before. Consequently, JMB members can now accrue mileage on additional 28 routes with 154 China Eastern-operated flights a week.

JAL and China Eastern first entered into a mileage agreement in February 2008 and have also been codeshare partners since 2002. Currently, JAL codeshares on China Eastern-operated flights plying 18 routes between China and Japan and on 5 Chinese domestic routes.

Together with the comprehensive network of its partner airlines Cathay Pacific Airways and Dragonair - fellow members in the airline alliance oneworld, as well as China Eastern - one of China's leading airlines, JAL strives to bring customers traveling between Japan and China greater convenience and benefits.

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I have recommendations for the OneWorld Partners(especially JAL):

1)A good selection of recent movie hits as well as past classics (example - Casablanca).

2)Never, ever forget the importance of authentic country specific cuisine - not cheap TV dinners. This probably de-emphasizes airfare costs).

3)Do not forget the initial level of services when successful in the past.

4)Have an enclosed area/passenger seating? where smoking is allowed when buying new planes - these spaces should be given additional costs. (I like a nice cigar/cigarette after a meal).

5)Serve only good, stiff alcoholic beverages.

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Wishful thinking there, JAL? You are lucky to even get crackers on their domestic flights now! Smoking? Sure, just forget all the FAA rules and regulations now in force all around the world.

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Do they have shouchu?

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"Sure, just forget all the FAA rules and regulations now in force all around the world."

Think about it, if a plane is specially designed to accomodate FAA restrictions, these airlines would have an incredible edge - many people would pay alot to smoke on long flights. Also, the flights outside the US would be more lucrative - money talks.

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China Easter is terrible. Out of 4 flights I took from them, 3 were delayed for hours because of difficulties like engine trouble and poor maintenance.

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Hey I want the flight attendants to dance like those CA's on Phillipine Air. You can find them on The Tube.

I paid a lot of money for this ticket. You better dance for me.

There should be poles in the center of each class for in-flight entertainment at it's finest. Pass around bottles of Moet...Fly like a G6.

Enough silliness. When it comes to China Air you should just be happy if you they can maintain cabin pressure at 35,000 feet. It's something real scary when you see the bulkhead start imploding from the external pressure on the fuselage cause some guy on the ground used a cheap rivet gun to hold the plates in place.

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Loooooong, loooong flights can be memorable. A good movie or a looooong interesting conversation w/ a neighbor, a fine meal, a cigarette and brandy afterwards and then a long sleep - "sir, you have arrived" says the stewardess.

This was when there was more space between seats.

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With sharing codes and mileage reward programs, both loyal passengers can use both airline fleets on domestic and regional flights. JAL has chosen a new partner like ANA did with American Airline.

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