JAL to introduce new in-flight beverage service JAL CAFÉ LINES


Japan Airlines (JAL) will introduce a new in-flight beverage service JAL CAFÉ LINES, starting Sept 1. In seeking to provide the best coffee onboard for its valued customers, JAL consulted with coffee connoisseurs to establish a way of serving up cups of excellent coffee in in-flight cabin conditions which requires good preparation and timing, thus leading to the creation of JAL CAFÉ LINES.

Customers flying onboard all JAL Group flights will be offered the exclusive line of high-quality coffee created especially for the premium service carrier by world-class Coffee Hunter Jose Yoshiaki Kawashima in collaboration with coffee roasting expert Tomohiro Ishiwaki. The first-rate beverage will be offered at no charge to customers in every cabin class onboard all international and domestic flights starting this fall.

Earlier in 2009, for a one-month trial period in September, JAL offered as part of its domestic first class cabin service, the Grand Cru Café - a special lineup of coffee from Kawashima's careful selection of coffee farms and tress throughout the world which were also made under the strictest quality control in cultivation, processing and selection, raising the number of First Class passengers that September by more than 2 digits compared to the month before. JAL estimates it will serve up to 10 million cups onboard its domestic flights and 5 million cups internationally of JAL CAFÉ LINES in a year.

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By more than two digits? 10? 11? Extremely vague and strange way to describe an increase, especially if it supposed be large. And who gives a monkeys about coffee on a domestic flight? The increase was more likely a coincidence/seasonal variation.... talk about spin!

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Keep the coffee and cut your ticket prices... I'd prefer to save on the ticket and buy myself a cup of good coffee on the ground... JALs prices are still too expensive.

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Slightly better tasting coffee and pictures of a boy band on the side of their planes. JAL's marketing team has single handedly risen the company from the ashes. Look out ANA!

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As we all know, people whose companies buy first-class air tickets are the ones who need a treat like this. Economy class cattle can just shut up and pay the made-up surcharges.

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