JAL unveils new Executive Class seat and in-flight entertainment system


Japan Airlines (JAL) will put into service, a brand new international executive class seat - the JAL Sky Recliner - when it receives delivery of four Boeing 767-300ER aircraft from the manufacturer starting this month. The new 767s are also equipped with the most advanced version of JAL's in-flight entertainment system - MAGIC V, which now offers a touch-screen function and enhanced compatibility with personal electronic devices.

Modeled after the luxurious JAL First Class seat on domestic routes, the JAL Sky Recliner is shaped like a plush-sofa with removable armrests and made with fine upholstery that further enhances the sense of being pampered. The seats have a pitch of 129.5cm (51 inch), reclines to 132 degrees and are arranged in a spacious 2-2-2 configuration, ensuring ample leg room and comfort throughout the flight.

Features of the new design include an optional large partition that separates both seats and thus provide passengers with heightened privacy, as well as expanded seat pockets for better storage of personal belongings. Incorporating the concept of Universal Design, the buttons of the seat control are large and ergonomic.

Complementing the updated in-flight entertainment system MAGIC V - the JAL Sky Recliner comes with a personal 10.6 inch TV monitor, new video input capability, a USB port as well as an electrical power outlet.

The most current MAGIC V is installed in every seat and customers in every cabin class will be able to control their in-flight entertainment network with a touch of the screen in addition to having a handset. They also have the flexibility of viewing their own videos or photographs by connecting a personal gadget such as an iPod, digital camera or video camera to the system. Another highlight of MAGIC V is the Picture In Picture (PIP) feature which enables customers to display a small flight map simultaneously with any other program. Passengers can use the Interactive Map function to select how they wish to view the flight map.

The medium-sized Boeing 767-300ER is one of the main models in JAL's international fleet. The aircraft equipped with JAL Sky Recliner will be scheduled on routes to destinations like Singapore and Beijing from this month.

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Great. Now when are they going to give people over 170cm tall enough room in economy class so they don't get their knees crushed?

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Touch-screen entertainment systems are a bad idea on a plane. Just wait until you get some dick sat behind you bashing the seat for hours on end.

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I hope this fixes some of the horrible ergonomic gaffs found on some of JAL's other business-class seat types: headphone jacks located right at thigh level, where the headphone plug gouges into your leg (and still only a two-prong jack, in this day and age, requiring an adapter if you want to use your own headphones); controllers stored on the top of the middle armrests, so every time you lean on them you accidentally turn on the reading light or call the cabin attendant; tables that don't adjust front-to-back; etc. etc.

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@sarge: I fly ANA and at nearly 185 cm, I've never had that problem in their economy class. Maybe you should give them a try.

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@sarge: Maybe you should just stop flying all together. You'd be a happier person.

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I am 175 and I got knees destroyed in Hawaii and Hong Kong bound ANA economy class flights. it was a 767 on both occasions.

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@niseigaijin: Sorry to hear that. I have flown them numerous times on 747s and not had that problem. I guess I need to look out for their 767s in the future. I did fly one this year from Takamatsu to Tokyo/Haneda and back but they were in domestic configuration and they might have less leg room.

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Sounds nice. Even class J was sweet the other day for me..

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