Japan Airlines wins Condé Nast Traveler World Savers Award


Japan Airlines (JAL) has been honored with the World Savers Award by Condé Nast Traveler for being the most socially responsible airline among its peers in the category. The award seeks to recognize companies in the travel industry that have generously contributed back to society through its various business activities, particularly in the five key aspects of education programs, wildlife conservation, poverty alleviation, environmental or cultural preservation and health initiatives.

Contending with 36 finalists who were narrowed down from 100 applicants, Japan Airlines emerged the overall winner in the airline category - a new category added to the award this year, for having a program in every assessment area. The diverse approach by JAL to fulfill its responsibility as a corporate citizen scored it a total of 81.5 points out of 100 possible points by a panel of 20 distinguished academics, environmentalists and industry experts.

Japan Airlines was lauded in particular, for providing free transportation of supplies and aide personnel to Pakistan in October 2005 and to Indonesia in December 2004 and May 2006 after both regions were hit by severe earthquakes. On the environmental front, an aspect in which JAL is especially active in, JAL's ambition to drastically reduce the amount of fuel consumed and the amount of green-house gases emitted in the course of its business, leading to proactive research into the use of biofuel and overall weight reduction of its aircraft through measures such as use of lighter-weight material for in-flight items, further contributed to the carrier's recognition by Condé Nast Traveler.

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Well it's not for its service to its customers, that's for sure. NEVER fly JAL, spit!

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This kind of award doesn't pay the bills -- and JAL has plenty of those!

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Very commendable to receive such recognition. Might be asking for too much, but I wonder if they can continue this level of CSR given they have just announced a huge operating loss.

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They'll certainly have less CO2 emissions once they drive all their passengers away with exorbitant fuel surcharges.

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On the environmental front, ... JAL’s ambition to drastically reduce the amount of fuel consumed

So they get the award for ambition - they have not done anything yet!

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Oh man JAL is the worst airline ever .... its only for the aged 85+ salaryman ......dreadful

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contributed back to society

maybe they're referring to kickbacks

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I like JAL, they have a great mileage program and they looked after us when we flew with kids.

All airlines are struggling now and I think it would make sense to merge with ANA if things continue and 2 national airlines can not be justified.

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why do you need to have a national airline?

sounds lie we're back to the 1960s

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I like JAL, too. The legroom in economy leaves something to be desired, but their customer service has always been good.

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