Japan's first transit hotel to open at Haneda airport


Passengers arriving at Tokyo's Haneda airport who need to wait extended periods of time before their connecting flights, but are not planning on staying in Japan or going through immigrations procedures, will now be able to take advantage of Japan's first "transit" hotel, which opens on Tuesday.

Royal Park Hotel The Haneda will open within the international terminal of the airport. The hotel sits in a secure portion of the airport where passengers who are waiting in the international departures lobby for connecting flights can access it without ever having to exit the terminal or go through customs and immigrations.

Such hotels and services already exist at many major international airports around the world, but the Royal Park Hotel will be Japan's first transit hotel.

The hotel will be available to all passengers, but room rates between passengers staying in the "transit" areas and those staying in the general parts of the airport hotel, will differ.

In the transit area rooms, a passenger can stay in the hotel for six hours at a rate of ¥11,000, whereas a passenger staying in the part of the hotel accessible through general parts of the airport, can pay ¥20,000 for one night, or ¥120,000 for a suite.

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¥20,000 for one night? What a ripoff.

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Hotel rates in Japan are a rip-off! And most of the rates are per person not the room, how ridiculous.

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Why can`t they open a simple transit hotel that is ¥3,000 - ¥4,000? How can you be a world class airport and not have had a transit hotel?

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Thanks but i can sleep in a lounge.

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