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Jetstar introduces iPad inflight entertainment option


Jetstar is now offering its passengers iPads.

The cutting edge technology allows viewing of movies, TV shows and music, as well as an assortment of games, e-magazines and e-books, all enhanced by the high resolution screen and premium sound system of the iPad.

iPads are being launched on selected Jetstar flights and will be rolled out across the Australian domestic, trans-Tasman and short haul international services from Australia and New Zealand in the coming weeks.

Passengers flying longer than two hours will be able to hire an iPad from $10-$15 per flight.

Jetstar will roll out initially 3,000 iPads with plans to increase this number once the iPads are placed on Jetstar’s Asia network.

“Jetstar is proud to be the world’s first airline to entertain its customers with cutting-edge iPad technology,” said Jetstar Group Chief Executive Officer Bruce Buchanan. “Doing things first and doing them differently are key to Jetstar’s success. We’ve listened to our customers and know inflight entertainment is an important part of their overall travel experience, so we’ve made sure the new iPads offer the very best viewing experience.”

“Jetstar’s iPad roll-out will join other recent innovations like SMS boarding that offer customers flexibility and convenience. As the first Australasian carrier to fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Jetstar is currently assessing what inflight entertainment options it will offer on these aircraft from 2013,” Buchanan added.

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if only they would fly direct from Sydney ...whats the matter with this airline ? I de have to transit thru gold coast at 6 am going to Oz. Seems cheap until you add baggage ... Ill take JAL ..who cares about an ipad

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$15 for an iPad for an 8 hour flight... sounds good to me :)

@doshinshatcho I'm guessing the direct flight from Sydney isn't profitable enough. I've bought tickets from Sydney to Tokyo on Jetstar for $550 return, baggage was an extra $60. The best I've seen from any other airline is low $1000's.

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Seems cheap until you add baggage

Huh? You get 10kg of carry-on for free and then you can check-in another 20kg for 2800 Yen. Dont see a problem with that.

With Jetstar though, you can pay a bunch of money for a blanket, meh-level food and crappy in-flight entertainment.

I pack my ultra-light sleeping bag (better than any grotty airline blanket), cram my ipod with movies, conbini bento and then a few cheeky beers at the departure gate. I laugh at the folks around me who fork out for the Jetstar deal.

But make sure you take Asahi Super Dry, the flight attendants can get shirty if they catch you slamming down non-Jetstar purchased beer...

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