Jetstar offers half-price fares to Australia


Jetstar Holidays on Thursday announced the start of a special half price sale until Monday. The sale offers return airfares to Australia’s most famous holiday destinations. The fuel surcharge has recently been drastically reduced, making overseas travel significantly more affordable and accessible.

Fares will be 20,000 yen return from Narita to Cairns, 25,000 yen from Narita to the Gold Coast, 25,000 yen from Osaka to the Gold Coast and 30,000 yen from Osaka to Sydney. The fuel surcharge on each fare is 5,000 yen.

Reservations can be made online at

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Giggidy! I just wish they flew to Brisbane..

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Can anyone tell me why they still have a fuel surcharge......they implemented this charge when the oil prices went ballistic (and how quick did the travel companies follow implementing the fuel charge to cover expenses). Yet when the oil prices dropped...did the travel companies quickly drop the to be kidding!! Looks as if these charges are here to stay.

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Re the surcharge, from another story:

Flying with budget Australian airline Jetstar just got a little bit cheaper after it decided to scrap some if its fuel surcharges. Thanks to lower oil and jet fuel prices, fuel surcharges will be dropped from all international flight aside from tickets that are sold in Japan.

So it is only tickets sold in Japan that still have the surcharge. Maybe if you purchased online indicating you were from Australia then the surcharge wouldn't apply.

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PEKOism - surely you realise that the Gold Coast and Brisbane are about an hour away. Like saying you cant get to Kyoto from KIX.

As for the surcharge, I paid 12000 Yen each way for a flight next month. If I bought the same ticket today, the surcharge would be 5000 Yen. I will be using the same fuel as other passengers who paid less. The surcharge is illegal, soon enough the airlines and travel companies will find themselves in A LOT of strife over this deceptive practice.

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DentShop: Anyway you can cancel your ticket today and rebuy it tomorrow with the lower fuel surcharge?? Just a thought.

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Damn, that's cheap.

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Nah these cheap internet tickets are non-refundable. Even if I did, the difference would be nominal. I only paid 7000 Yen for the return flight, but the taxes and surcharges slapped on top brought it up to about 38000.

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What you can do with Jetstar is to buy the outward and return tickets separately, avoiding the surcharge on the Australia to Japan flight. Select "Australia" as your location to do this. But you still get directed to a Japanese page when buying the ticket from Japan to Australia.

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PEKOiSM at 07:08 AM JST - 24th April Giggidy! I just wish they flew to Brisbane..

I'm on the Jet* site now and they have Brisbane in the drop down box for a destination.

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