Jetstar resumes Tokyo-Cairns flights


Jetstar has resumed flights between Tokyo and Cairns, after a hiatus of nearly two and a half years.

While restrictions remain in place for independent tourists traveling from Australia to Japan, Japanese citizens are now able to travel freely between the two countries.

The airline will operate up to five return flights per week between Cairns and Narita (Tokyo), bringing up to 1,600 people into Australia from Japan every week and providing an important boost to local tourism.

“Australia has always been a popular destination for Japanese travellers, and we’re excited to be able to reconnect the two countries, providing a significant tourism boost to the local Cairns community and Queensland more broadly,” said Jetstar Group CEO, Gareth Evans. “Jetstar is the first Australian carrier to relaunch flights between Australia and Japan, and we’re already seeing a lot of pent-up demand from Japanese travellers eager to visit Australia. Japan has also always been a popular destination for Australians, and we look forward to welcoming an announcement from the Japanese Government about the easing of international restrictions, which will allow two-way travel between the two countries.”

Jetstar also resumed services between Cairns and Osaka (Kansai) on July 26.

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My wife was on the Wednesday flight back to Japan. She said there wasn’t even 50 people on the plane and whole sections had no one

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Not surprising given no independent tourists allowed in Japan and the massive number of Covid cases in both Japan and Australia. Seems a curious time to reopen this route imo.

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@big yen

For Japanese tourists no doubt.

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Have used this route in the past, and I'd say Japanese passengers were the majority each time. I'd say Japan's opening up is not far off anyway, probably once current COVID wave subsides.

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Sure, but I was responding to Renny’s account of his wife travelling on a nearly empty flight. Maybe it just needs more publicity to get through to the JP public that they can now come to Australia, even if Australians can’t come to Japan.

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Well, Jestar have already cancelled two flights. Even though my wife can go anytime, its not worth the risk of having a flight cancelled, especially with the 72 hour PCR test.

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Now, if I could just get back into Tokyo

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The Japanese government are a disgrace. Happy for Japanese to travel to Australia and mingle with Australians then return home, but not happy for Australians to travel to Japan. Outrageous.

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Took the first flight, packed with students (who had no idea how a plane works or the concept of a night flight) and it took 90 mins for the luggage to appear.

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An empty flight with room to stretch out and sleep sounds mighty inviting.

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Yet another Tokyo flight cancelled. Three for this week. Nice one Shitstar. JAL out of Bris is the way.

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Terrible airline. I was hoping they went under.

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