Photo: 鎌倉・長谷寺のアジサイ 見頃迎える

Kamakura’s stunning hydrangea flower path now in gorgeous full bloom

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By Big Neko, grape Japan

While Japan's popular cherry blossom season delights many with its gorgeous once-a-year scenery and bounty of sakura-flavored goods, Hydrangea (ajisai in Japanese) can be every bit as beautiful. Revered in Japan as a sign of the upcoming rainy season and summer season, Hydrangea are now in full bloom at one of the best places to see them in Japan--Hasedera Temple in Kamakura.

Hasedera's scenic mountain path boasts a lineup of 3,000 hydrangea flowers that offers visitors a wonderful way to explore the temple grounds while taking in the natural beauty of the surrounding area, as well as see more than 40 different types of hydrangea flowers on display.

At different points in the route, the sea can be seen beyond the bed of flowers, making for a truly unique temple visiting experience.

Now in full bloom, the hydrangea path is extremely popular with visitors and often regulated by a ticketing system at peak hours, but is well worth a trip for those looking to add to their collection of gorgeous Japanese landscape photography. Access information can be found at Hasedera's official website.

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