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Kameido Tenjin Shrine: Let the scent of chrysanthemums take you back in time

By GaijinPot Travel

For weeping wisteria in the spring and blossoming chrysanthemums to brighten up your autumn, this beautiful shrine in downtown Tokyo is a must-visit.

Built in 1661, Kameido Tenjin Shrine is located in Tokyo’s Koto Ward in a sleepy, downtown area known as shitamachi (traditional area). The shrine is an integral part of local life, and if you’re lucky enough, you might catch a Japanese wedding ceremony or blessings of pregnant women and newborns being performed there.

Photo: Manish Prabhune

The shrine, with its signature red bridge and scenic seasonal flowers, is also a place of worship for the Shinto god of learning. The three bridges leading to the main shrine are said to represent life, with the onnabashi (woman’s bridge), otokobashi (men’s bridge), and hirabashi. The picturesque arches represent the future, past, and present, respectively.

The kame in Kameido means turtle in Japanese, and you will see plenty of them sunbathing in the shrine’s pond. Watch these cute reptiles as you take in the shrine’s architecture and wisteria trellises.

2019 Kameido Tenjin Shrine Chrysanthemum Festival Dates: Oct 23 to November depending on how long the flowers stay in bloom.

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