Kamikochi Imperial Hotel to open April 26 for spring-summer season


The rustic, 74 room Kamikochi Imperial Hotel, a picturesque, multi-gabled, timber-sided lodge designed in 1933 high in the magnificent Japan Alps, opens for the spring-summer season on April 26 and remains open through Nov 9.

The Kamikochi Imperial Hotel, operated by Imperial Hotel, Ltd of Tokyo, provides a convenient, thoroughly comfortable base from which to explore the many levels of hiking trails winding throughout the glorious nearby peaks and verdant forests, all of which are in an area where further development has been strictly prohibited for many years. The romantic hotel is set in a secluded corner of the vast Chubu Sangaku National Park, with breath-taking views of the majestic mountain scenery.

The architecturally distinctive Kamikochi Imperial houses an array of charming, well-equipped guestrooms and suites with all contemporary conveniences, an atmospheric cocktail lounge and open-beam dining room, as well as a high-ceiling, fireplaced lobby.

The hotel is within walking distance of all of Kamikochi's most beautiful spots, including the pristine Azuma River and Kappa Bridge, the picturesque Tashiro Pond and the magical and enchanting, boulder-studded Taisho Pond hidden among the trees.

Room rates start at 28,350 yen per night for a double bedded room, with tax included and service charge separate. Deluxe rooms with balconies starts from 40,950 yen including tax, service charge separate. From April 26 to 28 and on May 1 and 2, May 5 through July 15 and July 18 to 22 (excluding Saturdays and May 26 and 27), the Kamikochi Imperial is offering special, attractively priced packages that include a lavish French or Japanese kaiseki dinner (either of which are normally 14,700 yen per person), breakfast, a complimentary welcome drink and tax and service charges at the rate of 32,000 yen per night for a standard twin room; 34,000 yen for a somewhat larger standard twin; or 38,000 yen for a standard twin accommodation with a private balcony. These special rates are per person based on double occupancy.

The Kamikochi Imperial Hotel opened in 1933 as a cool summer season retreat from the heat for Japan’s city dwellers and the international community and remains in an especially inviting and naturally unblemished area of the glorious Japan Alps. Nearby are the castle town of Matsumoto and the well-preserved folk village of Hida-Takayama.

Advance reservations for peak dates are highly recommended, and may be made by calling the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo at 03-3592-8001 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays, and from April 18 by calling Kamikochi Imperial directly at 0263-95-2006.

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It is a great experience to stay in this hotel.

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Depending on a business deal, business partners have to choose appropriate business venues for business talks. Kamikochi Imperial Hotel is not an affordable class to backpackers or regular tourists. But the CEO and marketing department know who are primary and frequent guests and customers.

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I stayed here and it was not very good at all. Actually, the front desk people were quite rude to us and put us in a smoking room when we asked for a non-smoking room. They also lost my friend's reservation and he had to stay in a love hotel near the station. Lots of big problems here.

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They also lost my friend's reservation and he had to stay in a love hotel near the station.

I'm trying to think of where the closest love hotel would be to the Imperial... Shimbashi I suppose. I wonder when this problem happened, because virtually all of Tokyo's major hotels have been reporting low room occupancy rates for quite some time now. Things got so bad the Shangra-la actually closed on March 19.

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Lots of big problems here.

Thanks for your useful information.

Things got so bad the Shangra-la actually closed on March 19

Thanks for your friendly message. the hotel has closed because of power shortage and other food and service deliveries.

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"They also lost my friend's reservation and he had to stay in a love hotel near the station."

There is no station anywhere near Kamikochi. Let alone a love hotel. Are you sure you're talking about Kamikochi??

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