Kintaikyo Bridge: One of Japan's most iconic bridges with surroundings that cater to your sweet tooth


The southwestern Chugoku region is a peaceful depiction of traditional Japan that travelers rarely find in the big cities. Among its scenery is Yamaguchi Prefecture’s famous Kintaikyo Bridge, the main landmark of the area.

The bridge is located in Iwakuni, a prominent city down the coast from Hiroshima Prefecture. Tourists come from all over for the fascinating history, striking scenery and even the signature ice cream nearby, yet, you won’t feel overwhelmed by big crowds.

The historic Kintaikyo Bridge in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture

The arched wooden bridge’s iconic look is perhaps most famed as a picture-perfect spot in spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. But the surrounding scenery of Kintaikyo Bridge is beautiful in all seasons, as you catch a glimpse of how the locals live in this lesser populated part of Japan.

Originally built in 1673, the bridge was designed in a unique style of having five steep arches. These arches were made to represent western Honshu (Japan’s main island), as well as make it difficult for invading armies to cross the Nishigawa River. The bridge was unfortunately destroyed by a particularly harsh typhoon in 1950. It was rebuilt three years later using the same techniques and parts of the original bridge that were salvaged.

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How many of you can say he/she (sorry, no its .. he or she!!) can say they had been on Kintai Kyo in 1980? What's that? How many?

It's a great place to go for Cherry Blossoms too.

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that's an amazing bridge that should be protected and rebuilding it with the same techniques and parts of the original bridge is something really astonishing

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How many of you can say he/she (sorry, no its .. he or she!!) can say they had been on Kintai Kyo in 1980?

So you've never heard the story of the Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman who were on Kintai Kyo in 1980? I thought everyone knew about us.

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I live near here.

The bridge has been rebuilt twice in the past 20 years, once for repairs due to wear and tear, and once completely after being destroyed by floods.

Try to go early morning or in the evening, as it's free to cross over it then.

Some good historical places to visit on the opposite side to the town, and a great place to walk and be with family.

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When Yamaguchi is mentioned, i think of Momoe. Her manly singing voice.

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@backpacking. I doubt any one that reads these pages knows who she is. I do.

@albaleo: nope! Never heard of ya

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even the signature ice cream nearby

Thought they’d mention this. Best soft cream I’ve had was a closet stand in the middle of the country along a lonely road in Hokkaido, second is Costco.

Its so funny how all these places try to promote some food that is most likely is no different wherever you go.

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