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Matsue Castle: One of the best places in Shimane to enjoy cherry blossoms or take in views of Lake Shinji

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By Laura Payne

Matsue Castle is the only remaining castle in Shimane Prefecture and one of only 12 in Japan that preserves its original centuries-old tower.

Built atop a hill that overlooks the city, this is one of the best places in Shimane to enjoy cherry blossoms or take in views of Lake Shinji. Moreover, the castle is a must-see for fans of Japanese tea culture because Matsudaira Fumai, the seventh lord of Matsue and founder of the Fumai-ryu tea ceremony, once made his home here.

A designated national treasure

A beautifully well-preserved castle offering 360-degree views of the city and surrounding nature Photo: iStock/ itasun

From 1638 until Japan’s modernization period in the 19th century, Matsue Castle was controlled by the Matsudaira clan–relatives of Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Modern-day visitors who ascend the castle’s six floors can walk in the footsteps of these lords and discover displays of feudal armor, weapons and tools of daily life. Original structure features such as gunports, windows for dropping stones on attackers and a basement well are also preserved. Upon reaching the castle’s top floor, a 360-degree view of Matsue city and its surrounding nature awaits.

The castle grounds contain other historical treasures as well. The kounkaku (a Western-style mansion) that served as a guesthouse for Japan’s crown prince, sits slightly lower on the hill. It is free to enter and houses a small cafe on the first floor.

At the base of Matsue Castle, the Horikawa sightseeing boats take visitors on a ride through the castle moat and a network of canals that have remained for over 400 years. Be ready to duck on this tour. The boats pass under low bridges, and their roofs are designed to lower to fit underneath.

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Matsue is a nice little place. Castle. Samurai residence street under the castle including a lovely little house and garden once the residence of Lafcadio Hearn. Little restaurants and coffee shops on the channel connecting Lake Shinji and the Japan Sea. Izumo Shrine not too far distant.

A definite stop for visitors (or residents) who want to experience a smaller Japanese city!

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