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Matsue: Experience samurai history, tea culture and local ghost stories

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By Laura Payne

Across Matsue Castle’s moat, much of the district where middle-ranking samurai lived, known as Shiomi Nawate, still stands.

Here and in other areas around the castle, museums, shops and historical sites allow visitors to experience Matsue’s samurai history, tea culture and local ghost stories.

Since these sites are within walking distance of Matsue Castle, travelers can stop by any of them before or after visiting the castle.

Matsue History Museum and Horan-Enya Memorial Hall

See these magnificent boats up close and personal. Image: iStock/ itasun

The Matsue History museum outlines the city’s founding, development and key figures, making it a good source of information for first-time visitors to Matsue.

The Horan-Enya Memorial Hall, dedicated to Matsue’s most famous boat festival, sits around the corner from the history museum. Every ten years, decorated boats carrying costumed dancers appear on Matsue’s rivers to pray for prosperity. If one’s visit does not coincide with the festival, its atmosphere can still be experienced through this memorial hall.

Meimei-An Teahouse

Lord Fumai, the seventh lord of Matsue and a patron of tea ceremony culture, commissioned this teahouse in 1779. Today, visitors can explore Meimei-An’s garden and peer into the building where Lord Fumai practiced tea ceremony.

Next to Meimei-An, a modern teahouse invites guests to enjoy a cup of matcha and sample wagashi, which were favorites of Lord Fumai.

Former Samurai Residence

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Hearn’s house and garden are lovely. I wish I could live there.

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