Meoto Iwa: A spiritual awakening and a romantic view

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By GaijinPot Travel

Visiting Mie Prefecture can be tricky due to its countryside locale, but it is a gold mine of ancient secrets and photogenic spots worth your time. You could spend weeks exploring its fantastic nature and temples.

Fortunately, there is a place that combines all the sleepy prefecture’s charm in one area. A walking tour along the beach studded coastline in Ise city will get you to the famous romantic landmark— the Meoto Iwa rock formation, complete with a quirky frog shrine.

So many ways to view Meoto Iwa Photo: Matthew Coslett

Start from Meoto Iwa Higashiguchi bus stop. Here you can taste the local cuisine, buy souvenirs and visit the Ise Sea Paradise Aquarium or Ise Meoto Iwa Shopping Plaza.

Follow the pathway from the shopping center and you will find Ryugu Shrine.The shrine is dedicated to Ryujin, the dragon god of the seas— the word ryuu in Japanese means “dragon.” The water that falls from this mystical beast’s stony mouth is used to purify visitors.

Pass the shrine and get closer to the breathtaking scenery of Meoto Iwa, also known as the Wedded Rocks. The two rocks in the ocean, less than 700 meters offshore, are eternally bound with a thick ceremonial rope. This romantic spot is recognized as one of Japan’s 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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I can't find this place in the linked list of UNESCO sites....

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