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Image: Aomori Prefecture

Mount Osore: A bewitching natural underworld, hidden at the tip of Aomori


Gas emitting poisonous lakes, pits wriggling with vipers, sulphuric air and a landscape so barren it’s hard to believe it sustains any type of life, Mount Osore is a living mystery. Located in the center Aomori’s Shimokita Peninsula is an imaginary hell on earth.

A rocky terrain Image: HERRY LAWFORD

The site sits on the axe-shaped peninsula that juts out of one of the northernmost spots on Honshu. This eerily magnetic landscape is also home to Bodai-ji Temple, founded in 862 AD by the monk Ennin, this pilgrimage site is where you’ll meet itako, blind female mediums known to summon the souls of the dead.

If you’re in Aomori with a little spare time up your sleeve, make the journey to Shimokita Peninsula to explore this mystical side of Japan.

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wow beautiful! I thought I was looking at the US west or OZ outback. LOVELY. MUST go!

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This is a really neat place. I visited last year and it felt like a different world!

In 1970s they filmed interesting avant garde movie here called Denen ni Shisu 田園に死す by Shuji Terayama. It is good to watch if you want to understand how life was changing during Showa Period and difference between city and rural life.

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