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Nasu Kogen Rindo Lake Family Ranch pays tribute to classic anime 'Heidi, Girl of the Alps'

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By Ben K, grape Japan

Located three-and-a-half hours away from Tokyo, the lakeside leisure park area and family ranch at Nasu Kogen Rindo Lake is 300,000 square meters large and surrounded by a beautiful natural setting. There are rides, an interactive farm, a Swiss-style building, and you can enjoy pleasure boats on the crystalline lake. With fresh air and the backdrop of the Nasu mountain range, you could almost think you were in the Swiss Alps. In fact, the area is sometimes called the "little Switzerland" of Japan.

Photo: PR Times

Perhaps this explains why they teamed up with the animated series "Heidi, Girl of the Alps," a franchise still going strong 45 years after the anime first aired in 1979, for a year-long special event called "Heidi's Hill" (in Japanese, ハイジの丘 Haiji no Oka).

Some of the events planned are:

  • Guided tour with Yuki-chan the goat
  • Costume event with ranch animals
  • Goat Grand Parade
  • Photo spots
  • Shops selling commemorative goods
  • And much more...

Heidi's Hill events will continue for a year until Aug 31, 2021.

More details will be revealed on the Nasu Kogen Rindo Lake Family Ranch's website.

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It makes you wonder how many of these oddball domestic themed holiday destinations constructed during the 'bubble' are still in operation.

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