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New report gives U.S. airlines better grades across the board


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I mean, they're still violently dragging paying customers off the plane and indulging paranoid customers' fears that anyone who speaks Arabic is a terrorist and needs immediate interrogation by police, but hey, they are being slightly less terrible at losing the things you brought with you. And for a business whose entire purpose is moving people and their things from one place to another, I guess that's an achievement!

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If you dont mind being subject to increasingly out-of-control corporate authoritarianism - well then yeah, I guess US airlines arent so bad.

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United Airlines: 1) kicking off young girls for wearing leggings; 2) dragging a doctor off, because their stand-by staff get priority over paying passengers; 3) CEO downplaying violently removing said passenger as "re-accommodating",...

Yeah, say what you want but I don't think it's been a good few weeks for that particular airline, and the negative perception can't all be blamed on passengers not looking at the numbers.

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And they are also master at throwing off passenger (Ofcourse, non-white ) off the flight, bcz there crew couldnt get seat.

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The wrong day for this sycophantic article.

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No thanks -I'd rather walk.

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Better schedule and what???? Did they rated it by the US airline buddy buddy groups? This is really funny when it appears at the same time showing a passenger got dragged out of the plan with blood over his face.

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