New sushi restaurant to open at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo


The Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo will open a new sushi restaurant in the spring. Located on the 38th floor, this exclusive restaurant with a large floor-to-ceiling window will offer breathtaking views of the soon to be completed Tokyo Sky Tree and dynamic city panorama.

To capture the ambience of serenity, the restaurant’s granite floors and onyx walls have been created around the traditional Japanese Hanchiku techniques, reminiscent of Japanese roof tiles. The restaurant will feature eight seats at an exquisite counter made of age-old Japanese cypress, forming a stage for the sushi chef.

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For a special occasion, people can choose a fancy sushi restaurant with nice view to make their lives more meaningful and worthy. Dating a new partner is one of these events. I believe a tab is expensive at Mandarin Oriental, but if someone invites me, I will not reject ... I love sushi and beautiful view of Tokyo sky and surrounding ....

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Dating a new partner is one of these events.

Yeah - if she pays.

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If you or someone can afford it and you or they got the money what the heck is wrong with you then Life is good, live it well! Freaking out so easily on price man LOL

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I want to go! Sounds wonderful.

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"if someone invites me, I will not reject"

Me too! ( assuming the someone who invites me pays for it )

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