Now boarding: Passengers ready for world's longest flight

By Martin Abbugao

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Legroom and seat width matter more to me than what's on the entertainment system.

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Long flights are underrated.

There is nothing worse than a short flight. Listen to the mandatory safety measures-choose a movie-interrupt it for meal service-gulp it down before they rush your garbage away-continue your movie-stop your movie RIGHT before the end for landing and get kicked off the plane before you could have a small nap.

I'd much rather have a long flight. Then I can live out my fantasy of ticking off a list of relaxation items!

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Headline grabbing, not really news. I did a 16hr flight from NYC to Taipei, followed by a 1hr layover and 2hr onward flight to Japan. That was surprisingly no big deal. 19hrs on ONE plane would be fine, especially as they're all either in premium economy or business class! Sounds like a dream!

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Guess directional winds matter a lot, that Singapore - NY (18h 45m) is only an hour and a half longer than LA - Singapore (17h 20m), while NY - LA flight time is 5-6 hours

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"The biggest concern is Deep Vein Thrombosis from a combination of sitting for too long..."

That's just for the people in economy. No problem for those in business class - they can lie down, lol

"... and also from dehydration,"

No beer on these flights? lol

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