The Shimanto River in Kochi Prefecture

On 1st trip to Japan, Drum Talk TV to explore Japanese taiko drumming in Kochi

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Dan Shinder of Drum Talk TV ( will be making his first visit to Japan with partner Nja on Aug 14. One of the destinations he will be showcasing on Drum Talk TV is Kochi Prefecture in Shikoku.

Drum Talk TV will be meeting with Yamada Taiko, a Kochi-based drum troupe that performs at the yearly Yosakoi dance festival and at Kochi Port, welcoming cruise ships from around the world. For the last 30 years Yamada Taiko have pushed the limits of taiko drumming, and DTTV’s experience with these talented musicians will reach over 1 million percussionist fans around the world.


Drum Talk TV started in 2003 and has an organically built community of over 1 million followers from 100+ countries. Focusing on the world of percussion, fans from around the world follow DTTV in pursuit of knowledge about drumming of all styles and forms. DTTV is a diverse community of people from many different backgrounds, ages and cultures.

Beyond music, Kochi is blessed with many natural gifts, as 86 percent of the prefecture is covered in forest and it is home to the Shimanto River, Japan’s last undammed free-flowing river.

Jarman International supports Kochi’s efforts to reach more people around the world by inviting influencers that fit the area’s unique vibe. With the upcoming Rugby World Cup and Tokyo Olympic Games bringing increased international attention to Japan, Jarman plans to continue to help introduce the country as a destination to niche markets that will connect with the culture and tradition.

DTTV’s coverage of Kochi is sure to increase international interest in lesser-known areas of Japan and draw those who want to escape and rejuvenate to this rural gem.

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