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Pack light or pay up for holiday flights


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You know, considering what we have to go through with the TSA (trans-fat saturated a-holes) and the rising costs and poorer service, my family has decided that any travel done within the continental U.S. will be done via Amtrak. I've taken Amtrak 3 times and my wife and son have taken it once. My wife still raves about what a pleasurable experience it was. The actual going from one place to another was one of her favorite parts of our vacation. How often does THAT happen. If you are traveling in the U.S., I highly recommend you check them out. And if you are active-duty military, you're a fool to travel any other way. You WILL be taken care of on the Amtrak.


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Amtrak is OK and has decent coverage in some areas like the Northeast. I used to use it frequently b/n NYC and DC. However, on trips back to the US nowadays I need to get my family from LA to Chicago and then to Tampa and don't have an extra week necessary to take the train. Luckily, my brother flies for Southworst so I get free tix.

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Japan Today - As ever, quantifying that everybody who lives in Japan is American. Like we give two hoots what those in the US have to pay for their less than satisfactory services! Try featuring something that affects everyone as a whole, not the Yank community only as is usually the case in this country. That or make the topic title more specific. e.g. Americans - Pack light or pay up for holiday flights

Moderator: You're not the best judge of what stories are suitable for Japan Today. In the first place, more than 60% of our readers live overseas and a significant percentage of that live in North America. Furthermore, for any other readers who are visiting the U.S. and planning to take domestic flights, this story will be relevant. A very poor contribution from you.

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Wakarimashita. I'm looking forward to an early contribution on the fare structure differences between Ryanair and EastJet on the Dublin-UK routes

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if McCain had been elected instead of Obama, it would've been bye-bye Amtrak. Just remember that next time the GOP stands up for election with a wrong-way guy at the helm.

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I'm still waiting for Virgin to respond to my email. I asked why fuel surcharge dcreased for flights originating from UK, but went UP for flights from Japan. Not only has the price of oil gone down, but the yen has gone up. A week later, someone said they'd forward my email to another dept, but that was nearly a month ago. Get your act together. Customers aren't stupid and can't be fobbed off. It's amazing airline are so quick to increase surcharges when oil prices go up, but when they go down, they take their time reducing surcharges (which they didn't even do this time).

My fight to UK the other day was more than half empty. In fact, boarding took place 40 mins before take-off which was on time. At check-in, they were desperately trying to flog off upgrades to premium economy. More leg-room, they proclaimed. Costing nearly 30,000 yen, you're not going to entice anyone in economy. Especially considering economy had PLENTY of empty spaces for you to stretch your legs.

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Good thing gold, platinum and executive members still don't have to pay these fees. Plus, you still get complimentary meals and drinks in F or C class.

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Flying is a headache for all travellers, at fist expensive ticket, TSA, now bags fee on christmas season, i want to have a private jet...

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I agree with whitepocky and statistician. You have to pay for checked in luggage on ryanair and easyjet, had to for a long time. Why no mention or report on this vital subject.

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