PAL deploys new Boeing 777-300ER on Tokyo route


Philippine Airlines this week began deploying its newest aircraft, the Boeing 777-300ER, on its prime Manila-Tokyo Narita daily service. The state-of-the-art aircraft, delivered less than two months ago, flies to Japan’s premium international gateway in addition to PAL’s Boeing 747-400 aircraft.

Tokyo Narita is the second destination served by PAL’s Boeing 777-300ER. The jet has been flying the Hong Kong route since 26 November 2009. It will be deployed on the Sydney and Melbourne services by mid-March.

Accommodating 42 passengers in Mabuhay Class (business) and 328 in Fiesta Class (economy), PAL’s Boeing 777-300ER features a cutting-edge inflight entertainment system, comfortable seats, and a soothing, coastal resort-themed cabin design that aims to evoke the tranquil seas of the Philippines.

Each seat is outfitted with a personal television with Audio Video on Demand (AVOD) capability. The fully digital inflight entertainment system enables passengers to choose from a broad range of media content.

The options include six short films, 12 audio program channels, 19 of the latest Hollywood and Filipino movies, and more than 50 CD selections. There’s also a range of popular digital games, including Sudoku, Tetris, Invasion and more.

Mabuhay Class seats, supplied by Recaro of Germany, boast a generous 78-inch pitch and are adjustable to a variety of positions, including a full, lie-flat recline with a 15-degree angle.

Each seat in Mabuhay Class is equipped with individual “gooseneck” reading lights, a laptop charging port, and a USB port enabling passengers to listen to their MP3 collection or view their PDF files.

In Fiesta Class, passengers also experience enhanced comfort with their Weber-designed seats that feature a 34-inch pitch and an actuating seat pan that enables the bottom cushion to move up or forward when reclining, adding to the comfort level.

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No mention of the 787 Dreamliner. Fiesta Class? is that the no frills section?

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Has anyone flown PAL to Manila? The prices always seem high.

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sounds way better than any American plane i've been on in the last five years. What an innovative idea! I wish some of the American airlines would think of it! Trying to make air travel a nice place for passengers! Comfortable seats, individual! Stange that the only time i've had such service i've been flying on Asian carriers.

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Stange that the only time i've had such service i've been flying on Asian carriers.

Air Canada has had this for several years now on their 777s to/from Narita.

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Isn't AC flying Airbuses on their Tokyo/Can routes?

Anyway - Tetris! How cutting edge.

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PAL almost went bankrupt and was bought by a Filipino-Chinese. JAL should follow: I.e. sell it to a rich Chinese with Japanese passport.

PAL is expensive but the service is excellent. I've tried (all economy) China Airlines, Cathay Pacific, United Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Al Italia, etc. But the best were PAL and Singapore Airlines.

Who'll need such entertainments in short flights?

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PAL service sucks, their mileage program is even worse. Only had a free ticket after 3 years, then when I rescheduled my return flight using that free ticket, they asked me to pay an extra charge of around 30thou yen. since then i never used PAL again.

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Isn't AC flying Airbuses on their Tokyo/Can routes?

I think they use some A330s on the Vancouver route, but whenever I've flown from Toronto (direct or via Van) it's been a 777 or a 767.

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Comfortable seats, individual! Stange that the only time i've had such service i've been flying on Asian carriers.

Continental has individual TVs on all 777s to Japan, if not the entire fleet. Seems to be the norm for 777s lately.

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American has had the 777 and entertainment system mentioned here on the NRT-DFW route for many years. Nice aircraft. But over the years many of the TV sets have started developing little glitches that almost render them useless. On one trip to Dallas had to turn the thing off completely.

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Asian airlines are so much better than their European and American counterparts, which have lost the plot years ago. if you want good food, good service, and friendly cabin crew - choose an Asian airline. I always do. Ive given up on airlines such as United, Northwest,British Airways, Air France and especially SAS, a long time ago. Well done, PAL.

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