Passenger prescreening to improve in U.S. in 2009


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Relevance to Japan?

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the new thing were foreigners on Visa Waiver having to register on the Homeland Security website a couple days before entering the US is absolutely the lamest immigration policy i have seen.

This newly implemented policy is not mentioned in this article, and it could cause significant problems for Japanese traveling to the US. Definitely more applicable to us than to be on some "watch list".

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Laughable. Which known terrorist will travel to/from/in the US under his or her real identity? And which unknown terrorist will be on the watch list? Hey, there are so many here every day questioning Japanese logic, but nobody wondering about the American equivalent...?

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"there’s less chance a person could be mistaken for someone else on a watch list" BS. They're targetting the islamic world, that's more than a billion people where many share the same name. If a known terrorist is named Ahmed Ibrahim, the tens of thousands of men sharing this name in the same age bracket are still going to be hugely inconvenienced and even unfairly detained. Meanwhile the real Ahmed Ibrahim will have become more creative in his use of fake identities and will go through undetected. I'm not saying I know a better way to screen passengers but this way won't work and it's going to antagonize a lot of people.

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The Aussies did it first. And it costs $25.

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