Peach launches 'tabinoco' for travel notes


Peach Aviation Ltd has launched a new service called “tabinoco," a travel information platform based on the concept of “a notebook for little travel notes.” Unique information from each individual ranging from unexpected discoveries to impressive experiences only possible in that particular spot can be posted and shared with photos.

In addition, you can post not only about Peach flights, but also any information about travel on other forms of transport and details on areas not covered by Peach, and it can be used by anyone with an interest in travel.

The name of “tabinoco” comes Japanese coined word which means travel lovers. “tabinoco”, which includes slightly offbeat little tips compared to existing tourist information, has been developed to be a platform that helps one find totally new travel hints. Nowadays, when gathering information before traveling, rather than relying on information distributed by companies, more people are placing importance on the reality and speed of information distributed by individuals on social media and the like.

Peach said it hopes that these various “little travel notes” found inadvertently will lead other users to opportunities to travel conveniently, and “tabinoco” will contribute to expanding overall travel demand.

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