Peach starts campaign to name aircraft


Peach Aviation announced Tuesday that it has launched a campaign to decide the name of its new aircraft. The campaign, titled “Name Our New Plane, Vote for the Winner!” gives everyone the chance to send in naming suggestions, which will then be compiled by Peach Aviation into a shortlist. From this shortlist, members of the public will be able to vote on their favorite name, which will end up emblazoned on the new aircraft.

The winning entrant will receive 100,000 yen’s worth of points which can be exchanged for flight tickets, and the chance to become a cabin attendant for a day. The winning name will also, of course, be painted on Peach Aviation’s new aircraft.

Peach Aviation, Japan’s first dedicated low cost carrier, continues preparations for its inaugural flight in March 2012, and through campaigns such as this, the airline remains dedicated to engaging its customers.

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Why do these planes need names? "Peach Aviation" is bad enough. Are they trying to make it worse??

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I bet you money the name will be either "Momo" or "Sakura". Guaranteed! There is no originality when it come to this stuff.

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Peach Aviation, Japan’s first dedicated low cost carrier

I thought that was Skymark or Air Do?

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Gyouza, shhhhhhhhh!!!! They don't want people to know that!

How about "Mickey Mouse Happy Fry"? "Ret's fry"? "Big Happy Fun Time Fry"? "Ret's fry Sakula"?

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"Fly Me" should do it.

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I need the cash so see ya all! Momo?? Hmmm.....brain think! Just like Homer does it in The Simpsons!

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"Juicy"...who doesn't like to ride a juicy peach! I can already envision the ad campaign in my mind.

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