Philippine low-cost airline to start flights to Japan


Japan has agreed to allow Cebu Pacific Air of the Philippines to launch flight services to Japan, the transport ministry said. It will be the third low-cost airline to start flights to Japan, after Australian Jetstar Airways and Hong Kong Express Airways.

The move is expected to intensify severe price competition at a time when the economy is deteriorating.

From Nov 20, Cebu Pacific will start operating round-trip flights three times a week between Kansai International Airport in Osaka Prefecture and Manila International Airport with 150- to 180-seat medium-sized airplanes.

The airline previously planned to launch flights to Japan in July but postponed the start of the service mainly due to surging fuel costs.

Cebu Pacific owns 20 airplanes and operates 20 routes to China and Southeast Asian countries from Manila and Cebu.

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It will be for all the caregivers to come to Japan, low-wage substitute nurses, and of course the ubiquitous entertainers....

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yeah right! but excuse me it's not philippeans it's Philippines! huu i guess my knowledge on spelling was tested.. anyway, I'm a filipina but i won't ever ride cebu pacific, i might have cardiac arrest or anything... tand the flight never mind..always delayed..

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excuse me wanderlust it will not only be for all caregivers and what you say the low wage substitute nurses. have you tried the hospitals in the Philippines? don't ever judge a book by its cover. even if you say entertainers, they are still humans and they are part of the human race, without the entertainers, the caregivers, the nurses and even your job, the world will not revolve around....we all need these people around, including you. God bless you. for Zuleyka, no need to say that you will never ride Cebu Pacific, just comment but do not give any negative comment re your own country, give some respect for you are a Filipino by blood. God bless you too.

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I think will be great for bar owners!, also for the economy to both countries...

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"low-cost airline"

Heck, with oil prices dropping like a rock, ALL the airlines should be lowering their fares...

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in case people forgot... the philippine senate recently approved the japan-philippines economic partnership agreement (jpepa) or whatever it was exactly called (^^)... this is just one of its immediate by-products! and hopefully, cebu pacific could help deliver some more bananas to japan because my nearest supermarket is always running out of them! i could only shop after work, which is around 6 pm, and by then all the bananas are GONE!

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Japan has agreed to allow Cebu Pacific Air of the Philippines to launch flight services to Japan-

If you see the pilot for your plane with his goggles sitting on top his head and that neat flying scarf wrap around his neck.... just wait till you see him trying to spin the propeller on your plane "CONTACT" .

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mind you all, the Filipino pilots are one of the best pilots.

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Way to go low cost airlines.

High oil prices will boom low cost air transport airlines as other airlines struggle to offer lower fares.

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