Phuket opens to all vaccinated travellers


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Yes Larr - we will. Unlikely you'll be going anywhere without having to quarantine for a while then!

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Larr FlintToday  08:47 am JST

I'm not going anywhere if there is a need to show vaccine certification.

However you guys can enjoy!

and not of your own volition..........

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people shouldnt be allowed to travel until corona is totally over. its too dangerous.

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@Ben, c19 virus will never go away, get use to it, its here to stay its all about managing it.

@larr My Thai freind has to carry her vacinated papers with her all of the time, so they are not just picking on tourists.

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Larr Flint....

We will enjoy.. even more in the knowledge that the anti vaccine people are staying at home.

Flights booked for end of October to Thailand, December and March to Europe... Where do you want me to have a beer for you? :)

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I think the Phuket small business owners will soon be asking the government to lift the vaccine mandate.

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One of my neighbors works as a RN in a covid ward of a local hospital. She says that not only are the vast majority of patients those who did not get vaccinated, but that she witnesses many of them denying that they have Covid, even while they are in the Covid ward, with a positive Covid test.

The same neighbor also tells me that most of those who work in the hospital got the Moderna vaccine, and that they are seeing a surge in breakthrough cases, although not in hospitalizations among the breakthrough cases. As soon as it approves, her and her husband intend to get the booster, and they will get their two-year-old vaccinated as soon as the vaccine is approved for that age group.

Last month, my wife and I took a cruise to Alaska. One hundred percent of the passengers and crew were vaccinated, and there were no incidents that I am aware of.

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I'd love to go there. Maybe I'll wait til winter. The airport hardly has any international flights, so how are people supposed to get there?

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