Why some planes are crowded even with air travel down


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The greedy airline companies are ripping the passengers for their loss. Most of the airlines, they do not want to reimburse the ticket. Rather they want to extend the period of travel to Dec 31 of this year. That is bull xxxx. Either they should return the money or extend the period of travel to 2021 May. It is time to stand up against those greedy robbers.

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I'm glad I swore off flying about 15 years ago. The airlines have done nothing to make me want to take it up again.

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Greedy as charged. Prioritising the bottom line above passengers health and safety isn’t encouraging for the future of airline travel. Hoping for big improvements by early next year realistically though.

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“Sure, there are people saying, ‘You’re charging for social distancing?’ No, no, no,” Frontier CEO Barry Biffle told The Associated Press. “We are offering the option, and it is guaranteed. We don’t believe you need it -- if everybody is wearing a facial covering – to be safe.”

So we are all fools? Obviously taking advantage of the pandemic.

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Greedy people do anything.

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Us airlines are offering domestic flights but international travel is not on the table.

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