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Qantas, JAL, Mitsubishi Corp to form Jetstar Japan


The Qantas Group, Japan Airlines Co (JAL) and Mitsubishi Corp announced Tuesday the launch of Jetstar Japan - a new domestic airline that will bring more low airfares to customers in Japan. Qantas, JAL and Mitsubishi will each hold 1/3 share in the new company.

Jetstar Japan will commence domestic operations by the end of 2012 and expects to fly from Tokyo (Narita) and Osaka (Kansai International), with other destinations under consideration including Sapporo, Fukuoka, and Okinawa. Jetstar Japan also plans to ultimately offer short haul international services to key Asian cities making travel more accessible and appealing to millions more people.

The airline will launch with an initial fleet of three new Airbus A320 aircraft, configured for 180 customers in a single class, growing to 24 aircraft within its first few years. Total capitalization commitment for the new airline is up to 12 billion yen.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said the establishment of Jetstar Japan was an historic and important step for the Qantas Group. "The Qantas Group has a long history of serving the Japanese air travel market, with Qantas and Jetstar operating regular services between Australia and Japan," he said.

"Qantas and JAL have a long-standing relationship, as codeshare partners and fellow oneworld alliance members. We are also delighted to be joining with Mitsubishi Corporation -- one of Japan's great global brands - to launch Jetstar Japan, building on the successful expansion of the Jetstar brand across Asia."

"The Qantas Group has a wealth of experience in establishing low cost carriers and we're looking forward to working with our two partners on this new venture which will offer low fares to the Japanese traveling public."

JAL President Masaru Onishi said the partnership with Jetstar is a two-airline strategy that will allow the Japanese carrier to competitively serve a larger part of the Japanese market.

"We are confident that Jetstar Japan will broaden the spectrum of travelers as it creates new demand in this market," Onishi said. "It will encourage even more movement of people within the country and also increase the number of visitors from Asia to Japan. We anticipate this to stimulate consumer spending and play a role in revitalizing the Japanese economy."

Jetstar was the first low fares airline to enter Japan in 2007, and has already carried more than two million customers between Australia and Japan.

Jetstar's low fare model enables people to fly more often and encourages many people to fly for the first time. This new airline will help to stimulate the local tourism industry and broader economy.

The new venture confirms Jetstar's status as the Asia Pacific's largest low cost carrier by revenue as well as its fastest growing, having carried almost 20 million people in a single year just seven years after launching.

Strengthening its commitment to encouraging new travel demand, Jetstar Japan fares will be covered by its Price Beat Guarantee to ensure it is always the most competitive in the market place.

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I wish they'd fly from Haneda. And unless fuel prices go down, I doubt any airline is going to be able to offer cheap fares for much longer.

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Guys, please be careful of Jetstar, I've flown with their Aussie branch many times, for the sole reason of it being very cheap. BUT, with low cost, comes ZERO customer service and lots of changes in your itinerary. I always book a direct flight from Tokyo to Aus, only to have it changed to a stopover or 2 a few weeks before leaving....

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It's about time... Domestic airfares are way too expensive here. Offer a 7000yen flight from Osaka-Tokyo and I'm sure tickets would sell like hot-cakes.

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Papasmurf, check out Skymark - you can fly from Haneda to Okinawa, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Kobe, etc for about 9000 yen if you book in advance. Plenty of cheap domestic routes with them, and a very smooth service overall.

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Flown Jetstar all 3 times I've been to Japan from Australia. Wish they would bring back their cheap flights return to Japan, not just one way as they are at the moment. More people would head back over after all the troubles Japan has been through this year.

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9000 Yen just to fly from Haneda to Sapporo is not cheap, compare that to rates in other countries. 5000 Yen would be appropriate. I hope that we will get cheaper fares real soon.

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There is no excuse for domestic flights in Japan, unless to Okinawa or Sapporo. Flights destroy the atmosphere. The Shinkensen is the answer. The problem is that the Shinkensen is too expensive. If the tickets were half the price, then the number of passengers would double(just look what happened when the highway tolls were reduced). Develop more Shinkensen lines and a high speed train like Shanghai's amazing Maglev train.

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They need to offer flights to Sendai from Narita! The current ones are a bit inconvenient. :/

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Asagao: Have you been recently riding the Shinkansen? Especially the Tokaido line, not during the week at 2pm and not the green cars? The train is always packed in the morning and evening. Agree on the price. Too expensive.

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I've used Jetstar several times and never had a problem with them. Well worth trying.

Not sure how the Japanese version will fare though. Good luck to them.

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The problem with the "low fare" companies in Japan is that they are not so low fare.

Of course I don't want the safety to be sacrificed but compared to what is done in Europe for example here is expensive.

Hope they succeed and make competition so the prices become even better for us the costumers!

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