Qantas moves up plans to restart int'l flights as Australia expects tourists soon


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That's nice. But we still need to self isolate and pay a fortune for tests despite being vaccinated when residents return from abroad. Notice Japan isn't on the list.

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What was the keyword again........ ?


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What was the keyword again........ ?


Yep. The sign's on the wall now for the anti-vaxxers, and the sign says NO ENTRY.

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Sadly off my "want to visit list", that government has reacted so badly to a manageable problem

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How are they defining vaccinated? Curious on how they apply the expiration date to everyone's last vaccine shot date.

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Double vaccinated. And then a booster six months or so after the second shot. That might depend on what category of vulnerability you fall into.

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I guess that is the question "may depend", I have not seen a definitive definition since boosters became common in many countries. The US CDC is telegraphing a change in definition - which may or may not be picked up as the new definition that countries and companies use. ( Won't come from WHO since they are against boosters still).

The world is having a difficult time getting the initial vaccination, boosters will definitely drop the overall "vaccinated" number.

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I think it’s too early yet to have a “definitive definition”. A clearer picture worldwide should emerge over the next 6-12 months.

Australia by the way is looking good for 90% or more of the population double-vaxxed by the end of the year, certainly in the more populous states. Take-up of vaccines has been rapid after a slow start.

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