Qantas to increase int'l fuel surcharges


Qantas is planning to increase its international fuel surcharges in response to the rising oil and jet fuel prices. The changes will apply to tickets issued on or after Feb 19.

The new fuel surcharges (A$ one way ex-Australia) will be:

  • UK and Europe $145; previously $95
  • Mainland USA, Canada, South America, South Africa and India $115; previously $85
  • Asia, Pacific, Honolulu $75; previously $55

"Year to date average prices for both West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil and Singapore Jet Fuel are at their highest since FY08, and second half FY11 prices are forecast to be around 20% higher than in the first half," said Qantas Chief Executive Officer, Alan Joyce. "The price of Singapore Jet Fuel, for example, has increased from an average of $88 a barrel in September 2010, to $110 a barrel in January 2011, and is $117 a barrel today."

Qantas has hedged 66% of its remaining fuel requirement in FY2011 at a worst-case crude oil price of $93.06 per barrel, including option premium.

Qantas removed domestic and Tasman fuel surcharges in January 2009 but this is now also under review.

Qantas also said that Jetstar will not reintroduce fuel surcharges but will address the impact of higher fuel prices via adjustments to air fares in selected markets and increases in ancillary revenue, including baggage charges.

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I guess Qantas ticket sales will decrease.

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the spirit of australia....

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I am tired of all these little fees to help hide what they really want to charge. Let's demand one simple complete price for air travel. If you want to go to destination A, it costs this much. One price, no BS.

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Walk down the isle of any flight and ask each individual what they paid. No one will have the same price.

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Yet one more reason to avoid this airline.

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