Qantas to launch Premium Economy on Japan/Germany routes


Qantas is preparing to launch a Premium Economy service on its Tokyo and Frankfurt services. The airline is retrofitting six two class Boeing 747s to include 40 Premium Economy seats with the new offering to be available on the Tokyo route from October and the Frankfurt route from February next year.

“Qantas first introduced Premium Economy in 2008 and customer feedback for the product has been extremely positive. Our customers enjoy priority check-in, dedicated cabin crew, an additional baggage allowance and priority boarding and disembarkation,” said Qantas Chief Executive Officer, Alan Joyce. “Qantas currently offers Premium Economy on services to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Buenos Aires. Increased demand for this product, particularly from our leisure travelers, means we are now rolling Premium Economy out on another two Qantas routes.”

Qantas Premium Economy offers:

  • superior recline and leg room – nine-inch seat recline and up to 40-inch seat pitch;

  • extra wide 19.5-inch seats designed by Qantas Creative Director Marc Newson and manufactured by Recaro, with ergonomic cushioning and an adjustable headrest;

  • in-arm touch screen video monitor;

  • Neil Perry inspired menu with premium wines;

  • a self-service bar offering a selection of refreshments throughout the flight; and pre-take off refreshments such as champagne, orange juice and water.
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Neil Perry inspired menu with premium wines

what utter nonsense...

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Anything for more cash!

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Times where people dont want extra services, just want cheaper flights and be able to get to their destination without any hassle. This makes very little sense. Then again I dont work for Qantas, maybe there is a demand for it.

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"Then again I dont work for Qantas, maybe there is a demand for it."

If you don't work for Qantas and you might think there's a demand for this service then don't make snap judgements like "this makes very little sense".

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Is premium Economy with Qantas below Business or is it just another name for Business class?

By the way, Economy extra, which is between Business and Economy is offered by SAS for quite a long time. Nothing new there.

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Qantas premium economy is between business and economy. Better seats and more legroom than economy, and business class meals. Qantas have had it for a long time too, whats new is adding it to the Tokyo and Frankfurt routes.

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All sounds good in theory, however I've known many people who've bought tickets for a flight that was promised to be operated by Qantas Aircraft, only to find out they've been bumped onto a Jetstar flight with there well known non-service. I'd be weary of anything Qantas comes outwith as a result.

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People who buy codeshare tickets WITHOUT checking who the actual carrier is need to learn to read. We keep hearing this, yet on every website, it states very clearly who you will actually flying with ( ibelieve the termonologu is 'operated by'). As mq2003 rightly points out its only new on the Frankfurt and Tokyo routes, Qantas and many other airlines have been offering Premium Economy on long haul routes for several years now. If people want to pay a bit extra for a bit of legroom and comfort, good for them. I buy business class tickets for comfort for exactly the same reason. All down to choice and READING the paperwork properly.

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no thanks..been travelling long-haul on economy so long now,ive just gotten used to it.if you want extra legroom just get in early and reserve the seats near the emergency exits...they have more room than anywhere else..also sometimes the seats behind the kitchen areas have slightly more space if you travel wit kids.this deal sounds like a re-packaging of a business flight,demand of which im sure is falling as people try to save whatever they can.

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@Judderman. Appreciate where you are coming from especially if you have kids - but the last six months have seen a resurgence in Business Class flying for the big airlines. I have flown 3 times in the last two months (long haul) in business and flights have been full, compared to the same period a year ago when the cabins were half empty. This is not just my observation but is documented also. More importantly for the airlines, there has been a rise on sales of full-fare business class tickets showing that the traveller is coming back. Ultimately, this is a GOOD thing for the economy class passenger as it should stop firther cutbacks to their services. On an average long haul flight, if a airline can fill their business class the rest of the flight is profit. As stated before, Premium economy fills a niche gap in the market for those who cannot afford business class but are willing to spend a little more then the economy fare for a little more room.

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@rainman1 what is the cheapest business flight youve ever got?when i search online there is usually a pretty big price difference between economy and business...probably why qantas have something in the middle with premium eco.

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@Judderman: What is your definition of cheap? Long Haul, Short Haul? I don't consider any business class ticket to be cheap. but I do consider them to be of good value sometimes - if I can find the right fare.

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well im guessing by your comments across JT that youre involved in the airline industry somehow?either that or youre very interested in definition of a cheap long-haul flight would be being able to fly from japan to england for around 500 GBP ..cant afford anything higher.

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No - Not in the airline industry. Just travel a lot.

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I love all these class divisions

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Yes - me too. Its nice to turn left.

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