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Racial profiling at U.S. airports? Here's an app for that


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Try being an non American flying in from Japan and watch how you are profiled, treated, searched, questioned...

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I'm a Caucasian Scot but even so I'm glad I have no intention of ever going to America...

Whenever I go to Japan at least I get treated like a human being with courtesy and professionalism.

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And Hopefully Thunderbird2, that will continue and I REALLY hope these measures are never necessary in either of your countries.

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Quote: “and there really isn’t any space (in a turban) to put anything.”

Not to be too picky, but I can think of at least two incidents recently in which a bomb was concealed in a turban. In one of the incidents a governor, relative to Karzai, was killed in Afghanistan.

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Sikhs carried out Canada's worst terrorist act -- by putting a bomb on an airliner, killing 330 people. Perhaps the name of this group was not chosen wisely.

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The TSA is a band of rejects who so obviously racially profile without the slightest regard to the social consequences. They contribute to citizens and foreign nationals feeling ostracized and awkward. I hope this app brings positive changes to their practices.

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